5th May 2009, 07:41

Leaking drum generally means you need new wheel cylinder (part of the brake inside the drum, mines doing the same). They ain't expensive, but you're gonna need a big socket to get the drum off. If it ain't that, then it's the hose/bleed nipple connecting to the back. Easy enough job. Make sure you get the right ones though! Remember Gti's have bigger rear drums than the Si's. (I think the gti's are 180mm, not sure though)

12th May 2009, 07:02

Question, how hard is it to change a windscreen on these Escorts? Am I gonna need specialist equipment? Or is it just a case of pull the old one out and drop the new one in? Any help ASAP would be good.

16th May 2009, 18:13

For the whole period I've had my GTi I've been indecisive about getting a turbo conversion, do I, don't I? Do I just buy a new car or get a new engine?... now I've decided I do want one on this car as I'm refurbing it, was thinking of some cams too, I could do with some professional opinions on this, I can by a T4 turbo kit with intercooler and everything to fit it apart from manifold and the cam kit is complete, anyone have any ideas on cost wise? And possible problems?

18th May 2009, 03:36

I agree with the 2 litre conversion. However if you use some of the original 1.8 parts you can improve on the 2L standard 130bhp without the need for cams. Using the 1.8 head with the 2L bottom end will up your compression so when you add cams, injectors/throttle bodies you can create more power.

18th May 2009, 03:37

No-one got any ideas about the windscreens then? Really need some help guys!

18th May 2009, 18:03

Yes, they're not like the old Escorts, they're glued in so if you try and take them out they smash.

Go to Auto Glass or some one like that. At the most it will be £150 for a new windscreen and fitting,.

20th May 2009, 13:34

£150? sounds reasonable. Thanks for your help. Thought they might be bonded in, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the confirmation.

20th May 2009, 15:37

OK cool, thanks about the info on the turbo engine problem :-D, so I have a spare £2000 to spend on my car and apparently due to my position on the car, the best thing I could do with it is a nitros system, sounds crazy, but I can have it set up for about £1200, use it only when some idiot is up my backside, and I press the little button, then it's only a boost every now and then. Good idea??? :-S.

21st May 2009, 11:22

Nos would work well, but I'd still consider upgrading cams, perhaps a stage 2 head and the obvious exhaust and air filter. The more air you can flow and the more power you can create to run standard, the more effect that shiny little go faster button will have!

I'm going for what people call the 1.9 conversion. 2 litre bottom end with 1.8 everything else, then a small super charger, individual throttle bodies and then NOS... over a long period of time obviously.

21st May 2009, 13:08

No. Your best bet is still an uprated engine. You could have a reliable 150/160 bhp all the time for less than 1200 quid. The bigger 2 litre engine is much more flexible all the time than having a NOS kit fitted, and most NOS systems are done by throttle position (i.e when your foot is flat on the floor it triggers the NOS) rather than by a button. And after a few times you gotta replace the bottle... more expense!

Even if you just dropped the 2 litre engine right in with no mods, the whole lot could be done for £600; £200 for engine... £500 for really good example, £400 (estimate.. cheaper some places) for a garage to remove your engine and fit the other one in. Tune the engine with cams, exhausts filters and chip and you will be blowing away chavs in Saxo's all day long.

21st May 2009, 17:59

About windscreen replacement.

Replacing a windscreen means cutting the damaged screen out of your vehicle and bonding a brand-new one in its place. Here are a few facts about replacing a windscreen that may be of interest to you:

Repair before you replace. A reputable company will usually try to repair a windscreen rather than replace it if possible, saving you time and money.

Your windscreen will have to be replaced... if it is cracked, has more than three stone chips or the chips are too close to the edge to be repaired

Insured? If your motor insurance policy includes glass cover, then a replacement screen will only cost your insurance excess (typically £50-75, though check your policy documents for the exact cost).

No cover? The cost of an average screen will be at least a couple of hundred pounds.

Avoid cowboys. Get your screen replaced by professionals such as Auto glass. Your windscreen needs to be properly bonded to the window aperture of your vehicle. An expertly fitted screen will stop you leaving your vehicle via the windscreen in the event of a crash.

How long does it take? Allow in the region of 60 minutes for a windscreen replacement (90 minutes if your car has a front passenger airbag).

So I am sorry, about giving you wrong price.

26th May 2009, 18:33

NO why don't you just buy a Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia X 5d (96) 8.0 s 139 mph 167 bhp. They only cost £700 at the most, so what's the point of NOS and changing engine's and all that?

27th May 2009, 09:29

Because Mondeos are big boats, and considering the size of the engine, are not particularly powerful. A slightly modified 1.8 Escort will beat it easily. Escorts can corner at high speed with no difficulty and drama. I have a GTi Escort and my mate has an Mondeo ST. Great on the straights, but as soon as we hit a corner or an island he can't touch me, and I haven't begun to modify mine.

29th May 2009, 17:04

Does anyone know where I can find silicone hoses for my GTi, mainly the radiator hose, and a stainless steel air inlet pipe to connect an air filter to the engine?

1st Jun 2009, 08:08

Yep, but if you modify the GTi, won't car insurance nail you for it?

What am trying say, is if your car insurance is £450, won't it be something like £3000 when modded?

Plus, all that work you have to pay for.

If it was me, I would buy a faster car. But it depends how much you love your car, but good luck anyway whatever you do.

5th Jun 2009, 17:33

Today I had Cosworth vents and front splitters painted and fitted onto my car; £380 it cost me. Now I have gone out and bought an RS2000 at a very good price. I want these parts on this car, the GTi is black and the RS2000 colour is called Saturn Blue, would it be worth swapping as many parts over to make RS2000 black then have rest painted, or would it be better to remove the GTi bumper and bonnet and have them spayed. As well as this, the RS2000 arches are badly rusted and my GTi arches are fine, what do I do??? Help!?!

6th Jun 2009, 16:51

I have an Escort 1.8 GTi.. and I have about 150mph out of it... I have loads of mods to it and need more for more bhp.. I have titanium crank shafts, forged pistons and a polished head.. is there any way I can push 170 in a Escort cuz that would be the icing on the cake :-... I don't really wanna do a turbo conversion... I was thinking about changing the engine to a Cossy lump, but would that be possible and maybe make it rear wheel drive, not front wheel?