5th Apr 2005, 15:25

I have just purchased a 1997 auto escort. The coment about creeping forward in drive is under stated. In my escort when you select drive if your lucky enough for the engine not to stall, the pull forward is that much that the handbrake has a job to hold it back.

I found these comments whilst trying to resolve the problem, but it looks like a manual conversion will be easier.

6th Apr 2005, 11:53

What? An auto that doesn't creep does not exist. As far as engine revving is concerned it sounds more like the car is not set up properly. Surely the guy got a second, independent, opinion before parting with his money. Especially given the cock and bull story he seems to have been given.

I've driven loads of automatics and they all suffer from creep to some extent.

We currently have 2. A 2001 Espace auto and a 1997 Escort 1.6 cabriolet auto. Both work fine.

The problem with automatics is usually with the person driving the car. They are usually used to driving one of those old fashioned "Manual" cars that still, for some reason, still exist.

19th Apr 2005, 15:12

I have a 97 Escort 1600 auto. I have driven lots of autos, and love them. My problem is mine only creeps when cold. Once warm, it will roll back if standing on a slight hill, even though it's in drive, and vice versa, and now when you rev it in neutral, it gets to 4000 revs, and the revs rise and drop, not going above 4000 with the throttle held down. Any ideas what is causing this? I would appreciate advice.

27th May 2005, 11:35

This box has a problem with a valve block which can be replaced for about £200 - this leads to the jerk when putting into drive.

Hope this helps.

20th Sep 2005, 04:50

Never buy a Ford with an automatic gearbox. Ford auto-boxes turn otherwise reliable, pleasant cars into temperamental, expensive to maintain dogs.

23rd Aug 2006, 17:42

It's normal for an automatic car to roll forwards slightly, somehow I feel your car has an CVT gearbox, is that right? "Constant variable transmission" - they're not made anymore as they're considered too risky, in terms of the fact they may fail after not too high a mileage. Nissan do N-CVT, which I have had from 1995 to this day, and it's given no problems, but they're japanese and don't mess things up unlike other car brands! It also doesn't creep forward at all, as it's been properly made. Don't buy an Escort CVT, terrible idea!

3rd Jun 2009, 03:31

I have a manual car and when I put it in 1st gear it moves forward - can anyone help...

3rd Jun 2009, 09:12

Ah, you try to make fun of 3:56. You are a year to late though. That person now has another car or got the idle control fixed.

3rd Jun 2009, 09:34

Sometimes cars will move forwards a bit when engaging first gear. They shouldn't continue to move forwards with the clutch depressed though.

21st Jun 2010, 20:40

I have a 1997 Ford Escort, and the front tire rims keep getting hot. I have had the brake pads replaced, and the calipers checked. Everything seems to be fine says the mechanic, but the front rims are still getting hot. Is there anyone who can suggest what might be the problem?

7th Nov 2010, 07:14

Get your wheel bearings checked. I had a friend with a Hyundai, and his wheel bearing was toast, and he'd drive a few kms, and one day stopped and tossed a cup of water on the rim, and it steamed; it was one hot rim!

If it's a wheel bearing, make sure you get it changed ASAP, because it can seize up while driving. Not good for the transmission, that's for sure!

Good luck to ya.