24th Nov 2001, 22:31

Broken rear springs were a common problem on these cars. I did some custom work to mine also, rims, stereo, air intake... but I dunno where that other guy thinks he got 10 to 15 hp from... sure as heck wasn't by taking the air-box out and putting on a conical filter, I'll tell you that...

18th Jun 2004, 15:52

I have an Escort LX Wagon (Oxford White) that my parents let me drive around college. She's got 250,000 miles. Only problems are fast-wearing brakes, and the throttle body. Other than that, it still is fantastic for around town. I just don't think I could get her to my new job in Washington state (I'm in Ohio). Plus I couldn't bear to turn this girl in.

This car gives you your money's worth, a bit of soul, and a really tough economical and reliability act for future cars to follow.

26th Jul 2004, 11:55

I like the Ford Escort station wagon,LX series. My 15-year-old daughter won her car from a dealer ship in town by sitting on it all night in late October. She ended up paying only $5 for it. We have had to replace the transmission once and fix the linkage once, but other than that and the minor every day repairs we have had little trouble. It kicks butt on the road in terms of speed, and the fuel mileage in this time of gas prices is a blessing. Would not trade this little car. It is a great first car for any teenager and reliable too. The 1993 escort was a and still is a good little car.

22nd Oct 2007, 21:34

My daughter just inherited my grandfathers 1993 Escort LX Station Wagon. It only has 44K miles and is in very good condition, inside and out. I drove it home (about 70 miles) and had it up to 80mph. It certainly isn't a luxury car, however, it is a great first car and the gas mileage is fantastic. It handled well when I had to quickly avoid a pile of sleeping bags on the freeway and the brakes aren't bad. It needs new sun visors and body trim, but other than that, it looks great.

17th Nov 2007, 00:28

My 1993 escort sw has surpassed 203,000 miles and my job requires me to travel 40-80 miles per day and sometimes twice that number.

Best thing is it is paid for.