2000 Ford Expedition from North America


Don't buy one


6 of my coils had gone bad.

One of my spark plugs was spat out.

Twice my sensor lights went on.

Just recently I had a cracked manifold, and two weeks later my heater core started smoking inside the car, then a week after that, my emergency brake didn't work. I'm not a happy person at this point.

I've noticed that Ford makes their cars out plastic. I'm done; looking to buy a Nissan Murano.

General Comments:

Thought I was buying a vehicle that would be safe for my family, and be roomy enough for others, and would last me a few years without any major problems, but I was wrong.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2011

23rd Nov 2014, 03:30

Are you kidding me? A 6 year old vehicle has a couple of minor problems (coils, heater core, parking brake) and spits out a plug, which is a very well known issue in the 5.4L engine and only costs $40 to fix... And you are saying it's not reliable and giving it a bad review LOL. These are practically maintenance items; it's not like the transmission went or the engine threw a rod.

I own one of these trucks and I admit the 5.4L had a couple of design flaws. All of these problems you mention add up to under $1000, which is very reasonable for a 6 year old vehicle. You cannot expect vehicles to run years and years without repairs; they are machines, and machines break.

30th Oct 2015, 19:45

You are correct sir.

Maintenance is required on any and every vehicle, especially if you buy used.

The second you buy a used car, change the oil and the spark plugs, flush the tranny and flush the radiator... should last a while if done so.

2000 Ford Expedition 4x4 from North America


WOW, keep it up Ford


I have a 4x4 Expedition 5.4L 154,000. I changed oil, engine trans and diff coolant, maintenance things, and tune up at 105,000.

The dealer replaced a cruise control harness (recall).

I just got a code for engine temp low, bad thermostat.

The truck is awesome; I tow, and I drive a lot of highway miles.

First problem with normal operation, only a failed A/C compressor at 95,000.

Still no major oil leaks, some seeping at transfer case. I will always buy Ford trucks. I think they make them the best and toughest.

Almost forgot; driver's leather seat has tear at the seam.

All hoses are still original.

That's pretty awesome, even Toyota is amazed. OK, the car line needs some help though.

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I'd buy another if this one fails.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2011

10th Jan 2011, 10:08

My cousin has the exact opposite opinion of his 2004 Expedition. He'd have gotten rid of it long ago if it had any value in it. Every time I see him, he complains about more things that have gone wrong or broken on that truck. He said he'll never buy another Ford, unless it is a Mustang of course.

I think these are just like any other vehicle, and require a certain amount of luck to have nothing go wrong with them. There are good ones and bad ones.

23rd Mar 2017, 23:01

A 2004 Expedition is a completely different vehicle. Major redesign in 2003.

2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 Triton from North America


I love my new truck!


This is all very interesting to me. I recently bought a 2000 Eddie Bauer, and I must say that when I bought the truck, the air ride system was out and I spent 377.86 on rear coil springs for the truck to sit up right again.

The truck has been ran over with a fine tooth comb, and the only other detail that needs tending to, is the rear differential seal that's around 180.00, and that's parts and labor.

I have owned a GMC Yukon and also a Tahoe, both fully customized with everything but the kitchen sink, and neither ran as smooth as my Expo.

I plan on putting 26 inch rims on it with 6 TVs.

I do hear that getting the plugs changed on these vehicles is a real pain in the a** to do, and that the plugs have to be soaked for 2 hours before removing.

I only bought a Ford because I never owned one and simply wanted to try one out. I think out of all the SUVs that are of some size, the Expedition price wise is solid.

General Comments:

Currently at this time I have no issues, besides the ones mentioned above.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2010