8th Jun 2002, 21:13

That person is right, the pinging is just the valves rattling. Put premium gas in it and that will fix it.

1st Jul 2002, 17:56

Ford tells right in its factory manual - REGULAR GAS ONLY!


I got a lemon too!!! All-American Ford in Hackensack NJ sold me one and refuses to fix it - wants to charge me for the same problem which happended 3 times? Everybody: Get rid of your Fords and run away from them as far as you can.

15th Jul 2002, 13:56

Re: Ford Expedition. I have owned an Eddie Bauer with the 5.4 liter engine. Very dependable. 54k miles and no maintenance except oil changes. Also had a front-sway bar tie rod bolt break - not sure when this happened - noticed it yesterday when changing the oil. Dealer acknowledged this is a common problem. Also just had a service engine light come on - realize the "gas cap" can be a cause - doesn't seem to be the case, though.

We'll see how the dealership does fixing it. Will update comments later.

24th Jul 2002, 11:06

I owned a Ford Expedition till 07-06-2002. The vehicle was brought for my wife as a gift. A/C went out one week after buying it and the door molding pulled away and had to be put back. On 07-06-2002 my wife drove it to work at about 04:30 and parked it. At 11:00 the vehicle burst into flames, burning to a total loss status. Thank God it did not happen to her on-route, because I would have lost her. I really don't know about buying a Ford again any time soon.

Thanks. Doug S.

29th Jul 2002, 22:52

My mother owns a 1999 Ford Expedition 5.4 Liter and it has been great. It has 75,000 miles on it and the only thing we have had to do is replace 1 center cap and keep the oil changed.

12th Aug 2002, 12:31

His Expedition only has 24,000 miles on it and it's already pinging? Sounds like this vehicle is not a quality automobile. I've heard many other fords (mainly 4.6 liter v8's) ping also. Another problem with Fords is the check engine light is always on for one reason or another. I'll never buy Ford.

9th Sep 2002, 12:49

Guess I'm fortunate... my '98 5.4L Eddie Bauer has just over 125K on the clock with no major problems... the alternator packed it in at the 122K mile point, but considering when I've replaced alternators on other cars I've owned, this was an acceptable service life.

18th Sep 2002, 20:48

Plan on buying a used expedition.

Can anybody tell me what kind of gas mileage this car gets?


28th Sep 2002, 15:48

I have a 1997 XLT 4X4 Expedition. Am experiencing a rumble sound in the rear end when making a left or right turn during accelerating after a stop. Any comments as to what may be the problem?

8th Oct 2002, 17:18

Plan on getting 13 miles to the gallon, if you are lucky. Killing the environment?? Come on! When a good cup of coffee costs 3 bucks for 8oz, I have no problem paying 1.40 for a whole gallon of gas. Then I can drive up to the mountains here in Colorado and ENJOY the environment. God Bless America...

10th Oct 2002, 16:26

The pinging on the 1999 Expedition (I believe) is low octane fuel. I have a 5.4 and going up inclines etc, with just Regular gas in it isn't going to cut it. So get medium or premium.

As far as my 99, I ran into the issue with the wipers going on by themselves...

Just at 70K I had to replace a valve assembly - part of the emissons control - not covered under extended warranty.

Now, at 71K, it is not cranking - think the alternator is shot.

Hope Ford didn't set the termination dial on 70K and above on all parts!

11th Dec 2002, 22:47

Have 99 ford expedition, I purchased new. Head gasket blown at 34000 miles. Vehicle now has 72000 miles on It, and again a blown head gasket. Ford is aware of their sorry workmanship, but refuses to do anything about it. My first and last ford vehicle!

4th Jan 2003, 12:25

Purchased my 98 Eddie Bauer 5.4L a year and a half ago with 114,000 miles from a good friend who had it since new with no problems. Now it has 133,000. Looks and runs like new. Replaced alternator at 122,000. Replaced broken front sway bar bolts also, so this must be a common problem. This made a big handling difference. Also switched to Michelin X-Country Tires which ride and wet grip far better than the Goodyears.

7th Mar 2003, 12:21

We have a 1999 Ford Expedition, 70,000 miles, transmission replaced twice now. I have the following questions...

1. Our mileage has gone from 15 in the city to 9.5. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was the remedy?

(dealer wants money just to take a look)

2. ABS light comes on when the tires slip on snow or ice, why?

That's it. We had the recall done on the windshield wiper/turn signal switch. We even had to take it back because they did not place the wires back correctly, which meant that every time you used the tilt wheel, the left turn signal would not work. (Weirdness at every turn) :- (



20th Apr 2003, 03:03

1999 Eddie Bauer - My wife was driving my three children to her parent's home and had just gotten off the freeway. The tie rod on the front passenger side blew and the tires pointed inward. I cannot imagine what would have happened if she had still been going 65mph. The Ford dealership charged me 150+ for a front end alignment last month. Did they notice anything that could have been prevented? It is at the dealership now, no longer under warranty. I am fearing the repair bill. Whats next?

29th May 2003, 09:55

We were considering buying a used '98 or'99 Expedition to replace our 2000 Jeep (a lease) but are having second thoughts after reading the comments.

17th Aug 2003, 17:34

We were also considering purchasing a 99 Expedition. After reading all the comments on this site, we have reconsidered. No way are we going to chance it!

22nd Aug 2003, 18:54

I have a 2003 ford expedition and the check engine soon light keeps coming on. The service department said it was not the gas cap. They said it had a vapor leak. They could not find the leak and said it was OK to ride with it like that. They also said Ford was checking into a solution for the problem. What do I do?

23rd Aug 2003, 23:11

I bought My 98 exp. in 99 it now has 176k miles, In May of this year My Wife and kids were in an accident, 40 mph into an embankment 4 feet high, The shape of the under carriage helped the truck to climb up and out into a field, There was over $4000.00 in damadge, And My Wife bit her lip, Bent the frame horns, both front fenders, bumper, and broke the windshield, I think it took a hard hit, Oh and that is the only time a set of tools has been within 50 feet of this truck other than oil changes. Money could'nt buy this truck from us.

6th Oct 2004, 10:30

I just bought my expedition three weeks ago used 1999. every time I press the gas pedal I hear a fast metallic pinging. do anyone know what it is.