23rd Dec 2004, 11:23

I have had my 99 XLT Expedition for almost 2 years, bought it used from Carmax with 30K miles. I also had to do the wiper recall and hitch. I also had the broken sway bar links. I installed Polyurethane bushing replacements. I now have over 70K miles on my truck and the "service Engine soon light " came on recently. After reading the forums and reading about the gas cap I pulled it off, cleaned the rubber seals and sprayed with silicone. The Service light went off. A couple of days later when I hit the 70K mark my Service light came on again. I might buy my own code reader. I have been on a 6K mile road trip through the Rockies and Yosemite and overall I am happy with the truck. I am also on my 3rd Alternator but that is my fault. I run about 600+ watts of stereo equipment. I only paid for the first Alternator; I buy life time warranty from Murry's Auto Parts (Bosch Brand). I like the truck but the Service light is Annoying. I am a do-it-yourselfer and I used to restore cars and build engines, so I might get that OBDII code reader...

3rd Apr 2005, 07:04

Hey Folks my wife has a 2003 Expedition and I have a 1999. my wife recently hit some ice on the freeway at 55 MPH and ran into a brick wall. The only thing hurt was her pride and about $9,500 worth of damage. Sure she got some bruises on her lap from the belt and she was sore for a couple of days, but I don't think you would get that kind of protection in another vehicle under the same situation. My 99 has only given me little problems with things like the drivers seat not heating up and one door lock gone bad along with the replacement of a transfer case. But other than that these trucks are GREAT! OK the millage kind of sucks, but I get 13 MPG in town and she gets 14 to 15. This is a big truck you know. Well good luck folks and keep the faith and buy American.

7th Dec 2005, 12:12

I've had my 99 EB Expedition 5.4L for about five months now, and am very much pleased with it. I have a broken sway bar, and was relieved to read that it's replacement will improve it's handling and rolling in turns. In 97 I bought a 93 explorer with 80K miles on it. This past summer it turned 215K miles, and is still running strong. If the expedition does anywhere near that well, I'll be pleased with it. As far as gas mileage, I'm doing about 14.5 mpg, not great, but not too bad. At least I'm not tooling around like grape ape in a sardine can, I'll take the poor gas mileage trade off.

8th May 2006, 21:12

I just bought a 98 Eddie Bauer with 68K miles on it. I have put nearly 3000 miles on it in the last month, mostly interstate driving. I am the second owner, and will drive it until it won't go anymore, which knowing Ford products, will be a long time. Sure I don't get much in the way of gas mileage, but up against some of the other vehicles on the road, if I am in an accident, at least I have a fighting chance of coming out alive! My dad has an 89 Ford Super Cab with over 200K miles on it. Still runs like it was brand new. Looks like it too! I am sold on those Fords!!

9th May 2006, 09:35

Why do you think you have a fighting chance to come out of an accident alive? The Explorer is the most unsafe car you can drive according to NHSTA and is more likely to kill or maim its passengers than anything else on the road.

15th May 2006, 23:02

May 15, 2006

After reading all the other comments, its nice to know I am not alone. I have a 1999 expedition (EB) style and have never had any serious problems with it until March of this year. The same metallic sound heard when pressing the gas pedal happen to me. I took my automobile to a Ford dealer for an oil change, transmission Fluid change and replace the cruise control recall problem. This occurred on a Friday. I had never had one problem with the transmission since I had it, but Tuesday my transmission was gone and it will cost me 1,600.00 to replace, which I do not have. So what am I to do? Be happy that I have no transportation? Is there someone at Ford that answers and try to help find solutions to customers problems?

24th May 2006, 00:18

We bought a used 1999 Ford Expedition, Eddie Bauer Edition in 2005. We have had to replace the alternator once. The odometer doesn't always work, the bright lights won't work and the cigarette lighter won't work. The check engine light recently came on, I took it in to get it serviced and they found no major problems. Any ideas for any of the problems?

7th Apr 2007, 09:31

If your engine is pinging, this indicates a need for service.

DO NOT work around this problem by using a higher octane fuel.

Instead, investigate what may be causing the pinging, which can be anything from an air/fuel problem to carbon in the combustion chamber.

14th Aug 2008, 12:47

I purchased a used 2000 Expedition EB with 20k miles in 2001 and have had no major problems. This thing now has 150K and it is still awesome! I also know at least 6 people who have an Expedition and they have also had very good luck - mostly.

Some minor problems have presented themselves, but overall my Expedition has been very good. The problems I have had are as follows; front sway bar links broken (both sides), minor electrical problems (heated seat, heated mirrors, rear window defogger, cigarette lighter), spare tire winch cable (knotted by a service station). That's it - pretty good really.

Mileage has been steady at 10 city and 16 highway, but if I drive like a madman it goes down a bit.

All of the stock parts that usually go bad first are still working (alternator, water pump, suspension air pump, etc.). The only thing I have had to buy is oil, filters and tires. I need to do the 100K tune-up, but it still runs great so I will wait a while.

My brother had a spark plug pop out, destroying the head. It seems that some early 5.4's had a faulty casting, causing the spark plug threads to be too shallow (not enough threads). Otherwise, his Expy has been great.

I have taken my luxury SUV places that you would not believe. All the way across our great country in comfort and luxury, up and over very hairy mountain roads where only the serious 4x4's can go, and back again. These rigs will go just about anywhere.

Just one more thing... Buy American or don't complain about the economy and don't put "support our troops" stickers on your foreign luxury cars. That really grinds my gears.

12th Sep 2008, 22:11

I recently purchased a 1999 Ford Expedition with 80,000 miles with the 4.6 V8, and I am having nothing but problems with it. The engine is overheating, the alternator needed to be replaced, the left front tie-rod snapped off on the highway and the truck started shaking really bad. Thought I was going to die! My engine light will not shut off.

I also, had to pay over $1400 to have my engine rebuilt and it's still acting up. The engine was making a metallic sound right before a piston shot off and got stuck in the engine.

The transmission will not shift after 20 minutes of continuous driving.

The power seat keeps shocking me.

I wouldn't recommend the Ford Expedition to Hitler, never mind my worst enemy or x-girl friend.

If you want to die, then drive a Ford Expedition.

9th Oct 2008, 13:54

I have a 1998 Ford Expedition purchased new, which is in the shop for tie rods and front end work. I have found this to be an excellent vehicle, as I have 287,000 miles on it and I still go on the road with it; runs almost like the day I bought it. I have the EB 5.4L 4 x 2 version.

The major problem I have had is coils going bad; I have had several replaced.

19th Aug 2009, 18:43

HA HA!! Little did this guy know that gas was gonna hit $3 a gallon like his coffee a few short years later. Bet his opinion of owning an SUV has changed quite a bit.

7th Sep 2009, 10:03

I have a 1999 EB 5.4. Bought it used about 3 years ago. now has 126k on it. Replaced alternator at about 100k. Front sway bolts about the same time. Other than drivers heated seat not working.. all is good. right now its my daily driver, but plan on getting a car for that purpose next year. then the expy will become the weekend toy for me and the kids.

8th Jun 2010, 13:36

My 1999 Expedition is making a rattling noise when you crank it up. It will run, but I have got a hose that's loose and goes on the intake, but I can't find where it hooks back up to. I just got an EGR valve put on it, but the hose is causing a seeping noise that you can hear air, but can't find where to hook it back up on the intake.

28th Mar 2013, 18:15

It probably goes on the back of the intake, almost center on it.