11th Jul 2006, 14:04

I just took in my 2004 Ford Expedition for its 42,000 mile check up. A week ago, the truck kept jerking while driving- I thought the transmission might be going bad. They ran a diagnostic on it and called me back telling me it's the engine coils. Cost for repair - $400.00. I only have 36,000 miles on it. I am so infuriated with Ford- you have no idea. I am now looking for a Toyota or even a Lincoln Navigator. No more Fords for me period. I have had nothing, but problems and so called "kinks" since I had the truck.

Problems since I got it in 04 include:-

Tire pressure light keep coming on constantly - no solution from Ford. They don't know why.

The panel in the door was hanging off on the highway on my way to NY and we could feel the breeze from the highway. We had to pay to fix it.

The plastic that covers the seat levers at the side of the seat to change your seating position- they all broke off- cheap plastic.

Something else under the hood- can't remember the name, but it came loose and they had to fix it.

At 20,000 miles, the front brakes went bad. Had to pay for that too.

Don't forget the horn that would not shut off. Went to get a new horn and was told I need a new airbag too because they are connected and cannot work without each other.

Go figure.

Then I was told that the rotors were bad- had to pay for that too.

In a nutshell, I have been messed up by Ford so bad, I don't know whether I am coming or going.


11th Jul 2006, 22:08

Ummm... Lincoln is Ford... interesting...

16th Nov 2006, 23:16

Wow! Ignition coils what a scam. I am about to buy the OEM versions with plugs on Ebay for $135 for all 8. I will put the dang things in my 2000 Expedition myself. My truck is on the 4th coil at 55k miles, who can afford this craziness, I had a Toyota too for 10 years, not 1 problem in ten years. Lesson here it does pay to spend a bit more totally, who want to get stranded because of a FORD design problem? Not me again. One coil cost me $450 because I was in the middle of nowhere and the guy jacked me.

I am searching for anybody who has experience with the OEM versions of these parts and has installed themselves, I owe 2k on the truck and it's payed off I hate to get rid of it and get into another 30k worth of car or truck, how can Ford get away with this. Anyone with experience in this area please write me todd@zddesign.net. Help it's the ignition coil scam from Ford. Beware!!!


Todd from Oregon.

19th Dec 2006, 09:39

I have a 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with 85K on it. At 72K the #5 Coil went out. At 85K the #8 coil went out. These are getting expensive. I'm told that the heater lines and / or core can leak onto the rearmost coils (#5 & #8) and cause them to fail. Also the seal for the hood can go bad and allow water to drip in there.

Scott, Burlingame, CA.

21st Dec 2006, 10:01

I have a 2002 Ford Tbird, had #4 and #7 coils replaced in October, today #6 went out, I have 46K. The service manager said this was a Ford problem, not just the TBirds, but the Expeditions and F150's too and Ford is aware, but does nothing. I have spent almost $2000 so far.. I love the car, but this is ridiculous and he said for all they knew another could go next week, or in 20K miles.

I am thinking about starting a suit, any one interested can email me their details at jonibook@yahoo.com.

15th Jun 2007, 22:11

It's Friday. Just washed the 99' expo to party with a couple of friends later tonight. Got dressed, shined the shoes, sprayed on my cologne and was out the door. When I started her up, the engine sounded rough as if I needed a tune-up all of sudden. I said to myself time for a tune I'll take care of it tomorrow morning. I drove 2 miles in to my 50 mile trip then it died on me. $#$#@^@! I'm stuck. Had it towed to my house. I called a friend to find out if he could loan me his car, no luck.. Anyway my plans for the night have changed. Figure I'd surf the net to track down this problem. This is why I'm here. You guys have me worried.

I bought it used last year. Besides the poor gas mileage, a taught I got a good deal for the truck. So far I replaced the alternator. It gave out on me, on the way back from a trip from Atlantic City. I got hit up for $400 by mechanic that had me. Now this.

As I was reading the previous post. I started to remember a few things the detailing guy at the dealership told me. He said that "Fords Do Not Like Water". Someone mentioned something similar to this above. It must of been the power-washer used earlier today in the front wheel wells & over the hood in my case. And secondly, to add humor this. I remembered a used coil being left behind under the hood, a few week's after I bought the truck.

Still paying for the truck. So I have to buy a new coil. Hopefully it will not cost no $1500.

They Say "Built Ford Tough"

I'm starting to beleive "Built to take your Money"

Stuck on a friday night...


20th Jul 2007, 10:02

I just bought a used 2000 Expedition. Inspection of the car requires me to get the Left front lower ball joint replaced, and left front disc pros-lube sliders replaced (???). Does anyone know what these are and how much an estimated repair would be for me?



7th Aug 2007, 16:24

We bought our Expedition new in 2000 and have replaced every coil in the 4.6litre engine... all eight of them. Although we currently have 150,000 miles on it, it has not been cheap getting there. The repair file for this vehicle could be used for a mattress. Asked our mechanic about the coils and his response was " another better idea from ford"...We are currently looking at getting a Mazda 6 after reading transmission horror stories about Camry and Accord. Thought they were bullet-proof until doing some research on the net. Had Ford done the right thing and issued a recall, they may have had more of my business in the future... never again!!

17th Sep 2007, 17:41

I've long maintained that "keeping it simple" is not only smart, it is truly the ONLY and BEST way to go. I drive a 1974 Dodge Charger SE with No Computer, No Catalytic converter(s), No multiple coils, No Complicated b/s...just a bare CARBURETED engine that passes current stringent Level III emissions with ease! Keep in mind the complete lack of complication and so-called "sophistication" this car has, add it is rock-solid RELIABLE, as well as being cheap to insure and repair IF needed. What's not to like? So what...it's not "NEW"...but it is still out here "pounding the pavement" daily 32 years after it was built! Gas mileage is not bad... close to 22 @ 70 mph. 360 2-bbl. V8, 727 auto trans w/o overdrive, 2.71 ratio rear end, factory installed electronic ignition -- it still works! The record speaks for itself. Toyota does NOT support its products after ten years. Got that straight from Toyota USA in New Jersey over a 1985 Hilux 4x4 pickup with a bad G-52 trans. I rest my case! Ford is BAD about its product support as well, unless you have a 1940-something 8N Ford tractor! I can build myself a new one today with all the parts still available for these old tractors. I happen to own four Lincoln Mark VII LSC coupes, from 1984 to 1991 model years; one being a very rare, but awesomely economical BMW diesel-powered model. Many parts for these Lincoln vehicles have already been relegated to the "obsolete" catagory by Ford. Some faith they have in their FROD (oh, is that like FRAUD?) products. -"Rusty" Moore, Phoenix, AZ.