19th Sep 2010, 16:09

Mine is a 1999 Expedition, 5.4 Liter, with 220,000+ miles on it.

Did not have a coil problem until about 175,000 miles. Started then having to replace one about every 9k to 12k miles. Now, today, Sept. 19, after 4 inches of rain this morning, I had the 6th coil fail.

Diagnosed it with my own OBDII reader; purchased Borg Warner unit at O'Reillys, with lifetime warranty, installed it in about 20 minutes. Now have replaced #'s 1, 2, 5, 6,7 & 8.

Total cost to replace the last one is $44.00.

I cannot complain about performance and reliability in my Expedition to the point that a few months ago I purchased a new Mercury Gran Marquis.

You guys can go complain all you like, my replacement parts are expensive, but NOTHING like import alternators and starters.

15th Apr 2011, 23:45

That's a crock. I had to replace all 8 coil packs at once on my F-150. They definitely have problems with them.

10th Jul 2011, 16:11

$135 each, even for Ford brand coils, is too much. I bought them for $55 each. By the way, they went bad again after 15K miles.

Really disappointed. I believe you can check them by removing the wire to them, and seeing if the vehicle runs any worse. That is the way we used to check the old distributors.

I looked online, and they said you can use a volt meter. The primary (two terminals at connector) should have around 0.55 ohms on them, and the plug to the negative terminal should have 5.5K ohms. I measured a bunch and I know some were bad, but they all measured good.

28th Jul 2011, 08:23

I think it's funny though that you want to get rid of this for a Toyota or a Lincoln Navigator... You do realize that a Navigator is still a Ford, right?

20th Feb 2013, 08:15

I too have the same problem with my 2000 Eddie Bauer Expedition. Water keeps leaking into my coil packs, causing my engine to misfire. Was told maybe I have a crack in my intake manifold. In the process of replacing that to see if that fixes the problem.

I'm also having problems with my kids getting out the back door. It's like they're locked in the back without the child proof lock on.

It's just one thing after another. Won't be buying a Ford any more, that's for sure.

3rd Sep 2017, 02:46

Not sure if you're aware that Lincoln is a Ford product, and you're bad mouthing Ford but praising Lincoln... hmmm.