1993 Ford Explorer XLT from North America


I got a good deal, considering what I paid for it. ($3,000)


I have some wire problems that have lead to starting problems and gas gage problems.

General Comments:

Has great turning radius.

With the right tires and brakes I made it through some tough Michigan winter driving.

Gas mileage is OK.

Body is perfect.

The ride can get a little bumpy sometimes.

The push button 4 wheel drive is awesome.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2004

1993 Ford Explorer from North America


If the newer models are inproved this car would be an excellant buy


The transmission went out just over 30,000 miles. The brakes on the model had to be recalled for problems.

General Comments:

Overall this car drove well, with the exceptions of the transmission and brakes. The space in these models are exceptional. And the seating is very comfortable.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2003

1993 Ford Explorer XLT 4.3 from North America


Great transportation or people mover


Truck loves to eat Radius arm bushings. Drivers seat foam has sagged since I purchased it. Paint on hood and top and progressively gotten worse, (fading badly) while the rest keeps looking good. Worn ignition key cylinder. Bad starter around 110000 miles.

General Comments:

This truck has completely surprised me! I swore off domestic vehicles for life only to purchase this truck. It has been almost 100% dependable. I don't think it will ever wear out.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

1993 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 liters from North America


In regards with the expensesas of now it is still cheap for a 10 year old SUV


When I bought the Explorer, it was not working. When we checked it with my mechanic we were thinking it is a cylinder head gasket problem.

Confirmed it was a cylinder head gasket.

Radiator leakage.

Thermostat damaged.

Air filter housing assembly damaged.

Center arm rest broken.

Drivers door handle broken.

Driver's seat a lot of cracks and some portions are torn.

Radiator clutch fan a lot of cracks.

Wheel alignment caster, camber & toe going to the right a little.

4x4 and low range switch not functioning.

Auto cruise system not functioning.

General Comments:

I bought it very cheap. As an engineer I think I could make it work & run again with an expert mechanics help.

I replaced all the above things and fabricated & adopt parts that can be done except for the last two items the 4x4 & low range switch & the auto cruise system.

It is working fine right now.

The comfort is good. The reliability still needs to be tested.

Maintenance repair engineering side without the manual you'll be lost; the engine space and design to work ergonomically not suited for home garage repairs. Tools usage good - no special tools required except for door sidings I fabricated a tool to dismantle it.

Diagnosing module hard to follow and troubleshoot need more feedback from the INTERNET and other sources to accomplish.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2003

20th Sep 2004, 11:57

I also purchased a ford explorer xlt that in my opinion I stole from the young couple selling it. I love my truck. The vehicle was from out of province and needed to be safety checked. Ford in Kamloops Canada, replaced the windshield, front right wheel bearings were gone, the vehicle was running a little rough at the time... but made it around no problems really... until about 7 months ago..i discovered that the head gasket needs replacing and as cylinder one and two are blowing air back and forth, and also something is wrong with the transmission. I understood that the couple I purchased it from had already put in a rebuilt transmission. I only paid 2,500 canadian for it so I do feel I stole the truck! Not sure about the transmission as of yet, being a single parent and disabled makes it difficult to pay for these repairs at this time.

I do miss my vehicle and am praying that it is something minor with the transmission. I will let you know. My explorer is a 1993.

16th Oct 2004, 13:44

Change the vacuume diaphragm, that might be help you out...

1993 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 from North America


A tough vehicle that is built to last


Ball joints had to be replaced.

Four wheel drive wouldn't work and had to be fixed.

Lots of road noise from loose heat shields on bottom of the car, need to be tightened occasionally.

General Comments:

This is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever driven. It has had very few problems for as old of a truck as it is. It has almost 150,000 miles on the odometer, and doesn't burn oil, leak oil, run rough, or anything major like that. Gas mileage is okay, but I think the 4.0 six cylinder should get better mileage than it does. It could use a tad bit more horsepower too, but I guess that's what they offered the 5.0 for. Suspension needs to be watched closely for problems, and ride can be a little noisy on the freeway, but not too bad. The interior is very comfortable, and there is a nice amount of room for hauling things. I plan to buy a newer Ford Explorer next year, and my old one will probably still be running too.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2003