2002 Ford Explorer Limited 4.6litre V8 from North America




Nothing at this time.

Would like to see an easier glass hatch to close and latch - usually takes 2 attempts to close it.

General Comments:

We bought our Explorer Ltd. 2 years ago off a retail lot, and have been extremely happy with it.

Previous to this, we had bought a new 1995 Explorer XLT, and kept it for 10 years. In those years, we had to replace 1 oxygen sensor, and that was it as far as mechanical items went.

We had a 6 cylinder in our old Explorer, and wanted something with more power and smoother operation.

Well our 2002 Explorer 4.6 V8 sure fits the bill. We are extremely happy with this vehicle; we have had zero maintenance issues (we change the oil every 3-4000 miles, and follow the maintenance schedule faithfully.

We have the trailer towing package and pull a 3000lb. tent trailer every summer, and really appreciate the room to carry items inside and the smoothness of the drive train while going up and down the mountains where we live. We love the heated leather seats (would be nice if it was a better quality leather, as in newer models).

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Review Date: 6th February, 2007

6th Feb 2007, 19:39

Having owned a 1998 and 2001 Ford Explorer, I can say that they really are great vehicles. Neither of ours ever had a single problem. My wife, however, never felt ours had enough power. In 2003 she drove a 275 horsepower in-line 6 GMC Envoy and was hooked. It has more power and is much faster than the V-8 Explorers, is much smoother, and on our vacation this summer got an incredible 24.8 miles per gallon. Unless Ford can up the power and offer a smoother ride and better mileage, we'll stick with GM for now. Ford's reliability is unquestioned, but the new GM's are very smooth and refined.

2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V8 from North America


Disappointment from Ford


The transmission had to be rebuilt twice before I had 65k miles on it.

The Rear Air went out at about 50k miles.

The leather seats did not hold up.

The DVD system stopped working at 65k miles and is not covered by the extended warranty even though it was installed prior to us purchasing it.

The Automatic Dual Climate control makes a knocking sound from behind the dash. However, it will never do it for the dealer. It is extremely annoying.

Other smaller issues too numerous to mention.

Everything except the seats and DVD have been covered by the extended warranty. So that has been a good decision even though the purchase was a bad one overall.

General Comments:

The car is fairly comfortable. I expected a smoother ride being that it has an independent rear suspension and has a longer wheel base than the previous Explorer body style. However, my 92 short wheel base F150 rides better and drives better than this Explorer.

I have always preferred Fords, but this one has turned me off of Ford.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2006

13th Feb 2007, 20:10

I agree 100%. I bought my 2002 Explorer used with 78,000 miles. I am very disapointed in its overall performance. I do not have a secure feeling when I drive it. I always feel like this is the day it is going to break down. I have had quite a few repairs in my 5 months of driving it, none of which were covered under the warranty. I traded a 2003 jeep liberty 5 speed to have a bigger truck (for the kids) that hadan automatic due to an injury and have regretted my decision every day. I love the Ford brand, my husband has a F150 that drives like new, it is a 2000. I, however must live with my decision until the day my Exploder (as everyone calls it) dies, at 83000 miles can't be too long now. I am not sure if I would buy another one. On a good note, it has very comfortable seating. Be careful not to slam the doors, they are a little testy, and the hinges are known for problems. Due to the door ajar light being on although I checked every door repeatedly I ened up with a dead battery on a work day. Always seems to be something.