14th Nov 2007, 09:02

Hi Everyone.

We bought our 1999 Explorer XLT new in early 2000. It now has 146,000 miles. Overall, it has been a very reliable vehicle. I've done all the routine maintenance and upkeep required.

Notable exceptions:

1) Persistent Airbag light despite over $1K in repairs sunk into it. Decided it wasn't worth the trouble as we always wear our seatbelts.

2) The transmission went this past weekend. From all the other posts, I guess I should be happy it lasted this long.

18th Nov 2007, 18:46

I have had my 99 Ford Ex. Sport for 2 1/2 years, bought with 69000 mile on it, now at 97000. It runs good, except on cold mornings, very hard to start and to keep running. My OD light has flashed for the last year at least. The fluid is OK and doesn't drive hard. But I am worried.

5th Dec 2007, 11:58

I see a lot of problems with the explorers, but is there anyone who actually hasn't had any problems with the transmission?I just bought a 99 sport and had no clue about all of these problems until after I bought it. It runs like a new one right now, but can anyone give me a glimmer of hope that there are some good ones out there?

6th Dec 2007, 21:19

To 5th December, 11:58: my 2002 Explorer has 90,000 miles and no transmission problems. My suggestion for making your transmission last is to change the fluid and the filter (NO FLUSH!!) every 30,000 miles. Also, turn off the O/D in heavy, stop and go traffic, up and down steep hills, and when towing.

16th Dec 2007, 13:32

I bought a 1999 Explorer Sport 4WD in December last year, fully loaded. The vehicle had around 100,000 miles on it. Now, 1 year later, it has a little over 149,000 miles on it.

Everything works the way it should. The vehicle runs fine, the engine is dry and looks like new, and the transmission shifts nice and smooth.

I do not doubt that there are vehicles out there with lots of problems. The only thing I can say from what I see every day: if I was treating my vehicle like other do, I would certainly expect to run into problems.

17th Dec 2007, 20:37

Yeah, I feel the same way. I look around and think "Man, if I treated my car like that, it wouldn't be long until it was a piece of crap, too." I guess I just know how to take care of stuff, because I never seem to have these complaints that I hear from other people about blown transmissions, engines, rear ends, brakes every 5,000 miles, etc.

21st Dec 2007, 02:15

Well I owned my 1999 Ford Explorer XLS for 2 1/2 years now. Bought with 87K and now has 118K. Runs great and strong. But I also have just about every light on.

Check engine light; mechanic said bad air seal in engine, no big deal. Just will burn extra gas.

ABS light has been on for about 18 months. Oh well.

Hit a puddle in a rain storm and the airbag light has been on ever since. But it still keeps going.

Have to say I love this truck!

7th Jan 2008, 16:10

I bought a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport with 80,000 miles on in back in March 07'. Since then the following have stopped working:

Moon-roof, CD Player, Auto Door Locks, Windshield Wipers (front), the rear window (very back) leaks like a sieve when it rains, the check engine light is on and now the truck won't stay running after you start it. It now has 100,000 on it.

The transmission seems fine, but it guzzles gas like no tomorrow. Wish I'd gotten something else instead.

8th Jan 2008, 10:37

How about an old-fashioned tune up?

8th Jan 2008, 11:18

It sounds like an abused vehicle. You should see why the check engine light is on -- it could be why it's guzzling gas. The Explorer Sport generally gets 20 mpg in mixed driving, and up to 25 mpg on the highway, or even better at 55 mph, so that isn't exactly a "gas guzzler". I haven't had any of the problems you've had, and have virtually the same miles.

28th Jan 2008, 14:54

I have a 99 Explorer Sport 4x4 with the V6 SOHC. I had my first transmission and radiator service done last year at just over 110,000. I'm currently at 129K and have not had any transmission problems.

The first year I had it it went in for 5 warranty recalls or "unofficial" adjustments/replacements. My rear wiper worked as I drove it off the lot just one time and hasn't worked since.

I love my truck, minus the crappy gas mileage and the annoying weird noise its made from the beginning (I don't hear it so much with the window rolled up!). It really has been a good truck. Not too big, not too small and is the last of the series to have a solid steel truck frame before the insurance companies whined, so I feel safe in it.

Enjoy it if you have a good one and for those of you who have the lemons... foreign auto makers have their own lemons too.

3rd Mar 2008, 15:34

Bought my 1999 Ford Explorer Sport 4X4 in the fall of 1998 brand new (120 miles).

While under warranty I had:

The rear wiper replaced although it think it was my fault. Wiper was frosted/caked in snow and I turned it on anyhow, it jumped away from the window and only serviced a small portion of the window thereafter. After it was replaced, no further problems.

Car failed to hold idle and would stall when not continuous fed gas. Annoying to be without my truck while repaired, but fixed under warranty and not a problem again.

Had a leak in back cargo bay driver window; turned out to be a kink in the drainage hose from the sunroof, never a problem again. Driver side window motor replaced.

Tire recall was great, got new tires with 35,000 miles on my Explorer. Didn't have to buy tires until 90K miles when I had to replace tire rods as well.

Now knocking on 100K miles and my ABS light went on, hopefully it's just a sensor. So there were some bugs when I first got the car, but they were covered by warranty.

Out of pocket expense for the next 60K miles was very limited. Have to say I'm happy with how the little SUV is holding up.

22nd May 2008, 23:47

My 1999 XLT has 154K miles (I've owned it for approximately 100K). Miles have been primarily highway, so it's done reasonably well for gas mileage. However, I am also frustrated by major problems with this vehicle! I've replaced the serpentine belt, plugs/wires, and brake rotors. I chalk that up to routine maintenance on a vehicle with this many miles. I've also had to replace the rear differential (it went out at 100K). A year later, the transmission went. Now the check engine and O/D lights are on (possibly due to a faulty wiring harness) and it stalls while driving down the highway under normal driving conditions! The rear wiper has never worked since the day I drove it home. I'd love to buy another Explorer but it would make about as much sense as building an igloo in Texas. And yes, I faithfully change my oil and perform routine maintenance on my vehicle!!