1986 Ford F150 XL 5.0 liter from North America




The truck hasn't run well since I've purchased it. It barely passes smog, even with 20,000 miles on it. I've replaced numerous fuel components on it, over and over again. This includes fuel pressure regulator (sprayed gasoline all over engine compartment... luckily no engine fire. Very dangerous). Also multiple replacements of fuel pumps, secondary fuel filter, injectors, etc. Spark plug wires keep failing, I have to replace about every year. The computer chip has failed, was on recall, but truck had too many miles on it.

Dashboard literally fell to pieces after about 10 years. The speaker grille is now a big hole. The doors keep getting misaligned. The window molding started leaking in 1995 or so. The seatbelts failed in 1994. The visors both failed in 1994 or so. The are hanging crookedly. Poor design.

The truck leaks profusely in the rain. The headliner fell off in the late 90s. The seats are totally gone now, I'm sitting on foam rubber. The master cylinder keeps going out. The A/C has NEVER worked. Never. Ever.

General Comments:

I don't know why this truck gets good reviews. I use it for a work truck, and I can't afford anything better, but its been a big disappointment.

The truck has NEVER run smoothly. No one can fix it. The dealer can't even get it to run right. Idle is rough. Barely passes smog.

No intermittent windshield wipers.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2005

23rd Feb 2005, 18:56

Maybe you guys are driving your trucks too hard. Mine has been from Spokane Wa to Minneapolis mn three times and I don't have wrecked interior or anything that you are talking about. general maintenance is what has kept my truck running smooth not just fixing things when they are broken.

1986 Ford F150 Inline 6 cylinder 300 ci from North America


Overall, a great depedable truck


Replaced the battery.

Installed new windshield washer motor after the old one would not come out of the tank and as a result, the tank broke. I went around to 5 junkyards and found another tank and installed it. The new washer motor had sat on the shelf too long and the gasket was bad, so a replacement one will have to be installed now.

Had to adjust the air/fuel mixture screw to stop it from stalling.

General Comments:

The truck body has been filled in with body putty and repainted and looks reasonably well for the age.

The in-line six cylinder engine starts right up even in -10 degree weather and runs strong.

I don't even have to downshift when passing. It is just a beefy engine.

Gas mileage isn't great, but it is a pretty big engine.

Shifting the manual transmission varies in ease depending on temperature.

So far, overall, a great dependable 4x4 truck.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2005

5th Jan 2005, 21:42

If its got the straight six motor, you can expect the odometer to reach at least 300,000 without an overhaul, as long as you keep it maintained. I know several people who used these as commercial fleet vehicles, and they run and run and run.. Well worth any age-appropriate minor repairs.

1986 Ford F150 LX from North America


Reliable and runs great. Nice and big!!


Back brakes replaced at 180,000 miles. Rusted probably due to my mountain puddle hopping.

190,000 miles vacuum lines replaced due to me 4wheeling.

210,000 miles I hit a big rock in the mountains going to fast and had to replace the brains.

General Comments:

Long bed and extended cab. Only has a 5.0 but the truck will pull just fine going up the rockies with three dirt bikes in the bed or three snow mobiles on a trailer. Not the fasts, but it goes nice.

Very reliable with good gas mileage for the size of the truck.

Lots of room for everything.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2004

19th Dec 2006, 18:40

My 1986 Ford 150 XL is a strong runner. The AC will blow you out of the vehicle and starts strongly. The usual problems with a truck this age (deteriorated dashboard, loose steering) comes with the territory. My biggest issues to tackle are the leaking transmission and the failure of the fuel tanks to switch over leaving me on the smaller rear tank. These are projects for me to tackle in the near future. Any ideas on how to approach the fuel tank issue?