1986 Ford F150 Base Inline 6 from North America


You could set my truck on fire and roll it down a hill, and I still wouldn't trade it for a CpDvile


I just bought this truck, and I call him BRUTUS! He's tough! LOL, but I bought him for $800.00, and a manual choke was installed.

The breather was detached, and needed new plugs and wires.

The A.C. belt was missing, and other belts squeak bad at start up.

He stalls on a downshift too; I think it's the breather / vacuum or carb.?

There's a drop of oil every 10 minutes.

Brake line rotted.

He back fires out of first and second gear. Maybe distributor or timing?

Surface rust mostly, but bad at the rear wheel wells and in the side door rocker panel corners.

I will update ASAP.

General Comments:

I'm about to give a ton of TLC and a good chunk of money to invest in another 141k miles!

He's got that granny low, and will pull a double wide trailer! I popped the hood and I saw that straight 6... Had to have it, they outlast the vehicles they come with, plus the torque. I believe that's why they stopped making them; a conspiracy of the car companies buying out all the patents for fuel efficient and effective engines decades ago, and letting them out as if they were a new thing when the competition catches up... or the government steps in.

Either way, Brutus shall live on as long as I do. Preventative maintenance and good driving habits keep vehicles on the road. Take care of your truck, and it will take care of you!

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Review Date: 5th August, 2012

6th Aug 2012, 10:21

I'm looking to buy the same kind of truck. Those carburated inline 6 engines are built to last. Also, you have tons of room under the hood to change spark plugs, etc.

These are classic trucks, sure to appreciate in value over the years. Where I live, classic pickups are worth almost as much, and sometimes more than classic muscle cars!

7th Aug 2012, 16:21

That must have been some deVille you owned previously, if you prefer this thing to it...

12th Dec 2013, 16:13

I have an 1986 F150 Flat 6 and I'm not getting good gas mileage. I've changed the whole truck, everything is new, and I need help. My email is harris49t@yahoo.com


1986 Ford F150 XL Stepside 302 fi V8 from North America


I own a 1986 ford F-150 XL Stepside with a 302 fi V8 engine with AC, love it, had it 23 years now.

Other than regular oil changes, a few batteries and distributor caps, and other small replacements, the truck's been great.

Horn quit 5 years ago, dash still good, all original, seat torn on driver's side last year, and a slit in floor rubber cover.

Original radio and speakers still work.

98% all original, prime shape..

I drive it daily... I think it has a lot to do with how you care for it. Still has original wood tongue and groove bed in it. Never had the problems others are having, so I can't help you there, sorry for your troubles though.

Keep on trucking, Joe Michigan.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2010

26th Oct 2010, 19:10

Hey Joe, does your 86 have a split wiring harness? If so, I need a schematic for the injector wiring harness. My 86 is missing hers, and I cannot find one. Any advice at all would be helpful. You can write me back at tlindn_07@hotmail.com

Thank you.


1986 Ford F150 2x4 long box, reg cab 4.9 from North America


This heavy mechanic gives it a thumbs up


I have replaced all steel and rubber flex lines once, and the master cylinder as well as calipers, rotors and pads three times. Rear drums and shoes once. E-brake cables three times, but that should be regular maintenance.

Right, I have replaced the water pump once and had the radiator re-cored, and replaced shocks three or four times. Nothing else, and it still is a great truck.

General Comments:

I have owned eight pick ups. A Mazda, Toyota, Jeep and GMC as well as four Fords. The Fords are easy to work on, parts are relatively cheap to buy and the trucks do what is required of them. The GMC was 1968, and if GM's were still as good as that, perhaps I would have stayed with them, but Fords of the early 80's are one of the toughest there is right now.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2010