1987 Ford F150 XL 351w 5.8L gas from North America


Built to last!


Electric fuel pump went 2 months after I purchased it.

Starter and starter solenoid went after a year.

General Comments:

Tough and reliable.

Idles and runs like new.

Engine was rebuilt 2 months before I bought it.

Rides quite smooth for being 24 years old.

Taken on long trips with no issues.

Heater is awesome! Like a furnace in winter!

Drives quite straight. No fighting the steering wheel.

Love the ole' girl!

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Review Date: 13th August, 2011

1987 Ford F150 4.9L IL 6 cylinder from North America


Reliable is this truck's middle name


The truck is a F150 Heavy-Half (GVWR: 6,500 LBS), extended cab, Lariat, short bed.

Had a problem with the duel gas tanks, in that the electrical connection failed (at 250K miles) and I had to go to one tank only (rear). Couldn't afford replacing the gas pumps.

Had to rebuild the 3-speed overdrive tranny at around 180K miles.

Some front oil seal leaks appeared about 180K miles, but have not gotten to the point of having to replace them.

Heating ducting cables broke from wear at 200K miles, which made the heater always "on". Not good in summer. Truck doesn't have A/C. Had to disconnect the heater altogether.

Body-rot/rust appeared on the quarter panels at about 200K miles (in 2002).

General Comments:

When new, I got about 22mpg, whether on the highway or around town. Now I get around 15mpg around town.

When new, I had a "SixPak" cab-over camper on it, and it had no problems on Interstates or in cross-winds.

Truck is now used to go to/from the dump, short trips to the hardware store, etc. Taught both son and daughter how to drive in it, so it's a regular part of the family. Plan to restore it one day.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2010

1987 Ford F150 6 cylinder inline from North America


Best ever


I have never been able to get my parking brake to work after several cables and hours of troubleshooting.

Cracked windshield (all my fault).

General Comments:

This truck has enough power to get anything but very serious hauling done. I have not yet been able to find something it can't pull, and have hauled over 3 tons on a trailer.

My clutch is very easy to drive, as it is almost unkillable, I mean you can dump it in second and it will keep going.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2008

1987 Ford F150 4.9 6 cylinder from North America


Best truck Ford has made yet


Needed a new clutch and clutch master cylinder.

Put in a new rear main seal while the tranny was down.

New valve cover gasket, and some new tie rod ends.

General Comments:

This is a 21 year old truck that runs like a new car. Aside from basic maintenance, the clutch gaskets etc, nothing has gone wrong. A very reliable and powerful truck.

I drove this truck from New York to California, while towing another car. Got there with no problems, and still going strong.

The low miles are attributed to it sitting for most of its life, which is all the better for me.

Plenty of head room for a taller man like myself, (6-4).

All in all, the best truck Ford has made to date.

The only negative these days it gas mileage; I get a highway 16 or so. Could be better, but it's a truck, so it could also be worse.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2008

1987 Ford F150 Inline 6 300 EFI from North America


The BEST vehicle I have/will ever own!


Considering it's a 21 year old truck from PA, nothing too major that wasn't expected. Exhaust leak, smog pump locked up, a few serpentine belts, a battery and solenoid here and there and a starter. I've had it for three years and put over two hundred thousand miles on her, that's got to count for something.

General Comments:

Like I said above, I've had this truck for three years, replaced quite a few parts due to rust and driving it like a sports car. I've never had a problem with this truck that wasn't either due to age or my own driving habits. I've owned at least thirteen vehicles since I started driving eight years ago and none have lasted even six months.

Gas mileage is a little lacking from such low gearing but is made up for in brute pulling power. It will almost lift the front end dropping the clutch with a full load and can spin the tires in every gear. I put a few thousand pounds of metal in the bed and was still able to start off in fourth gear.

As far as speed goes, I haven't had it over 110, it gets a little shaky, but I believe lowering it might make a difference. What it lacks in top speed it makes up for in low end torque. Never have I not been able to get someone of the line in this truck, even against the angry-bee-in-a-can-exhaust wielding rice burners.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2008

6th May 2008, 14:13

Hate to break it to you, but my buddies modded 07 mustang gt can barely chirp the tires going into 3rd so I doubt your inline 6 heavy truck could manage that in all the gears.

7th May 2008, 08:02

If the gearing is low enough, he might be able to chirp the tires in all gears, by popping the clutch. These old pickups were made to be farm trucks and were geared low for pulling hay wagons, crawling through a foot of barnyard mud, and being loaded down with wood. Your buddy's Mustang is more geared for highway/general economy.