15th Aug 2008, 18:18

I'm only fifteen and I have this same exact truck. Bought it last year with 160.000 miles on it and the previous owner beat the crap out of this truck, and it is still running good. The only major thing I have had to replace is the fuel pump.

This truck is a workhorse. The first time we used it we put 1750 lbs. in the back, went around a corner in 3rd gear at 7mph, and didn't stall.

This is a beast of a truck. Ford should bring it back.

14th May 2009, 20:49

I have the same truck with an auto. transmission... It's the best vehicle I have ever had... my brother has the exact same as yours, and he burns them down in all four gears, so it is very possible..

22nd Mar 2012, 01:39

I have an 87 F150 XL Lariat 2WD with the 300 I6, with a C6 automatic transmission in it.

It seems to be okay so far, but I have had many numerous problems with the fuel injection system and engine electronics. It seems to have much lower power than the day I got it, and needs rod bearings.

Also, currently it stalls right after start up when the motor is hot, and hesitates/almost stalls when you step on the gas when it's hot. It runs almost perfect when it is cold though. The motor also has a lot of pinging/pre-ignition sounds when it is under a load.

The truck will only go between 50 and 55 when going up a big hill on the interstate, with the pedal to the floor, and this is with the truck being empty and no trailer attached.

I can barely get it to go 60 on the flat parts of the interstate, when the trailer is attached and the truck is loaded down with my lawn equipment. I know the I6 is not as powerful as a V8, but I think this motor should have a lot more power than it does, at least according to you all.

I just can't figure out why, and I don't have the money to keep throwing parts at it.

3rd Apr 2014, 20:53

There's a big difference between a sports car and a work truck. This truck was built Ford tough, and the truck I have is RCLB, 4 speed I6, 4x4. The guys are right; when it was geared low, it's for hauling anything and everything. I'm sure with enough work with stock gear it could very well outperform the new stuff.

As for your buddy's car, if he's driving a modded Mustang, and cannot chirp every gear, he really doesn't know how to drive a standard.

30th Jan 2016, 18:42

I agree. It is all about skills. The car does make a difference too. The car, the tune, the fuel and the driver.

My bone stock 1970 AMX 390 4 speed can break the tires on the 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 shifts. Especially when I am running good gas. The 390 is a torque monster!

I am sure your buddy's 07 Mustang could shut me down, out run me and do it at twice the MPG. But sit it next to my AMX in a parking lot and it will be invisible!

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