2002 Ford F150 Lariet SuperCrew 5.4 from North America


I love my truck, but I wish it was in better shape...


Ignition coils - I have replaced seven of eight coil-on-plug units, one at a time at $80 each... bad design! (that includes labor)

Catalytic converters - There are four cats on the Y-pipe, and it cost me just over $1000 to replace the entire exhaust system, due to one bad cat and rust-out of muffler from sitting. I did opt for a turbo muffler and custom dual tailpipes straight out the back, with stainless tips (the spare tire is still accessible).

Rear axle bearings - When I went to have the brake pads replaced, all four rotors were worn past minimum spec. When the tech pulled the rear rotors, he noticed the axle seals were leaking, and since my truck came with a towing package, it was equipped with the larger rear-end. This means it has the larger axle bearings that are pressed on with the seals between them and the axle flange. The bearings have to be removed (destroyed), and replaced just to replace the seals. After all was said and done, my brake job ended up costing me a little over $2000! (I did opt for the better pads so my wheels don't turn black)

Blown fuse - For some reason, the five amp fuse for the circuit that operates the auto door lock, the auto headlamps and the overdrive switch on the shifter (cannot turn off over-drive when pulling a trailer), keeps blowing. I have tried to trace the wires and locate a short, but to no avail. All of the systems it affects work fine for three or four days, then it will blow again without warning. I even tried a higher amperage fuse, just to see if it would last longer, but it was blown in the same time period.

Rusted out rocker panels - What is it about these trucks and rust in this area, I have noticed many on the road with the same rust-out. Best estimate I have so far is $1500 to cut out, replace, and touch up paint. Still debating on this... it really needs a complete paint job, but that jumped the price to $3000!

Steering column falling apart - The other day, as I shifted from park to reverse, something fell out from under the dash and hit my foot. Afterward, I noticed the shifter was real sloppy, but still works. I later found a pin about an inch long in the floor; I'm assuming this came from the shift mechanism...

General Comments:

Even with the problems that I have had along the way, it has been a very good vehicle. When Ford came out with the SuperCrew in 2000, I had to have one, and I finally did get one, in 2005. Although it was used and had a lot of highway miles, it was a very nice truck when I got it. I mean, who wouldn't like a truck with four doors, heated leather seats, power everything, climate-control, a moon roof and a sliding back window, it has the spray in bed-liner and a fiberglass bed cap. I even like the factory 17 inch alloy wheels (except for the price of those 265/70R17 tires).

All in all, I love my truck! I like a full sized pick-up, for the comfort, ease of entering and exiting, you're up high enough to see around yourself when driving, and I think it's much more safe than a car, and I will always drive something this big, or bigger!

This thing had a sticker price of more than $32,000 new (I have the original sticker someplace); of course I didn't pay near that for it, not even half! But, to replace it now, with one three years old, would cost me more than what I paid back in 2005. I just hate to put three or four thousand dollars into a vehicle that books for less than $5000. Now, I've got to do some serious debating with my pocket book!

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Review Date: 29th August, 2014

2002 Ford F150 SVT Lightning 5.4L supercharged from North America


Reliable toy


At 113,000KM, I broke the seat-belt restraint mechanism by leaning for my wallet on the floor of the truck, while wearing the seat-belt. Replaced the item myself.

At 130,000KM, two new front tires. All four tires were large and the truck naturally developed negative cambering where it wore both front inner tires out. Also, the tires' size was hard to find in Goodyear brands.

At 162,000KM, new alternator and battery. I was driving home and all of a sudden the battery light flashed. It was hard to locate the alternator from the dealer. I had to go to NAPA.

At 164,000KM, infamous shooting spark-plug. That happened in the middle of the night in a parking lot. Luckily, I had two threads in the cylinder. I re-inserted the spark-plug and COP. The truck started and hauled tail home. I went to replace the plug and the threads let go. I had a heli-coil placed in the cylinder, and from then on periodically checked and tightened plugs constantly.

At 220,000KM, voltage regulator on the alternator went. New battery. Front bushings replaced. Brakes all around too. Wheel bearings in both fronts also replaced.

At 225,000KM, fuel pump high flow resistor replaced. Truck wouldn't start without it.

At 228,000KM, transmission cooler line into radiator cracked. Replaced.

General Comments:

It may seem like a lot of things have gone wrong or were replaced, however this truck was my daily driver for almost 6 straight years. It was quick when I bought it, and it was just as quick when I sold it.

I learned a lot about maintenance with this truck and performed a lot of it on my own. If I let the dealer touch it, then I would've been bankrupted.

The hard part about this vehicle was the fuel consumption; knowing this, I accepted it openly.

Tires were beginning to get expensive, as the most economical tire was the worst for grip.

Finding parts from the dealer was tough unless you knew exactly what you needed.

I drove this thing in the winter with a good set of winter rim/tires and about 200lbs of weight in the bed. I never got stuck and was always light on the throttle. It was never wrecked either.

Interior was comfortable, and one thing I must say about a Ford, their A/C units in their trucks are built to last. I never had to raise my A/C setting higher than MIN.

It was a treat to own and work on. I recommend this truck to anyone who needs a reliable workhorse with a bit of attitude.

I sold it because of a growing family and no time to work on it any more.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2013