2002 Ford F150 Lariat FX4 5.4 gas from North America


Reliable and good looking


The truck has the digital air conditioning, and at 120,000 miles two of the o-rings went bad and kept switching to defrost during acceleration. Parts cost was two dollars to do it myself.

Other than that, I honestly haven't had any problems, although the seats are showing some wear.

Change the oil every 3,000 miles with Penzoil.

General Comments:

It's an 2002 F-150 Supercrew FX4 Lariat with the 5.4.

The truck accelerates pretty decent; nothing to write home about.

At 10,000 miles I installed a K&N cold air intake and Gibson super truck exhaust. These modifications didn't give me any noticeable gas mileage increases, but this truck sounds menacing and they did give it some punch.

The seats are comfy, the ride is decent for a four-wheel drive pickup, the interior looks really good, and I am always getting offers on it. Gas mileage is about 14 city or highway.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2010

2002 Ford F150 FX4 5.4 liter triton V8 from North America


She's my go to gal to get the job done


90,000 - Rear pinion seal, 40 dollar fix doing it myself, I think it costs about 170 at the dealer. This was mostly due to my trail-riding/hunting, where dirt has a better change of getting into the seal and wearing it down.

85,000 - I bought the vehicle knowing that it needed new front pads, I decided to replace all 4 rotors and pads, and bleed the lines. Should have only cost 30 dollars or so, but cost me much more of course, because of my own desire to get it done and out of the way. Normal maintenance.

95,000 - New tires, replaced second set of tires on there (still got almost 50k/set so no big deal) and put on BFG 285/70/17 All-Terrain T/A KO. This could be done much cheaper, but I spent about $1250. These tires are not cheap. Normal maintenance.

101,000 - Needs its normal 100k check-up. Ill flush the radiator and tranny (which is getting dirty), replace the plugs, grease the chassis (the back end is getting a little squeaky). I know my suspension is good because my truck, even with bigger tires, still has more wheel well space than other FX4 packages with stock tires. My front chin needs replacement because I broke it on a stump, might be a 200-300 dollar fix.

General Comments:

Although I am definitely mechanically inclined and everything this truck has required for maintenance has cost hardly anything, it would still not cost much for a dealer/mechanic to do.

This truck has been dependable and has gotten me through many things including mud and comparable terrain, and also through snowstorms.

Handles great, always know where its going to go, when I did not feel the same about Chevy trucks.

Good power, faster and has more torque than Chevy trucks.

Has a higher ground clearance than Chevy trucks, even the Z71.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2007

2002 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Crew Cab 5.4 Liter 351 cu in Supercharged from North America


Even if you must sell a kidney to get one, just do it


Nothing. This thing is not short on any level.

General Comments:

Perfect combination of power and poise. This thing rides better than any other full size truck, and out performs 9.9 out of 10 trucks I come up against, short of the SRT10 Dodge V10 500hp and some of my truck's sister models, the Ford Lightnings. Though I have installed a Diablo power chip, K&N induction system, which has bumped the horse power up from the factory 340hp to near 390hp. So some of those Lightnings are toasted unless they've done some performance modifications themselves.

This engine is happy to run, and after getting used to the whine of the supercharger spinning, you actually long to hear it. Though the gas mileage is poor at best, at 10-12 mpg. You must pay to play, and if you had a muscle car, you'd be at the same marks.

The 20 inch rims and tires really help this thing ride better and handle well. It could use just a little upgrade in the sway bars, as the higher speed turns lean a little. But you must remind yourself you're in a truck. So more than meets expectations in every area.

I've outrun BMW M5's, M3's, Ford Lightnings, Camaro's, Mustangs, Chevy SSR hard top convertible trucks, and a dozen other high end 4 door performers like Audi and Lexus on the highway. All taking a second glance as a truck leaves them sucking fumes. It's a blast.

Resale should do well, as the miles are low and this is not a primary driver. Though I'll have a tough time ever getting rid of her I'm sure.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2005

15th Mar 2012, 21:40

To the poster of the review; are you aware of your engine's size? The 5.4 liter (330 cu inches) Triton engine is more or less exactly that, just like a Ford 351 has around 351 cubic inches (5.752 liters) of displacement. The information you posted suggests that you have plus or minus 20 cubic inches/350 cubic centimeters.