2004 Ford F150 8 cylinder gas from North America




Transmission replaced TWICE.

Cruise control failed to disengage multiple times.

Cruise control engaged uninvited multiple times.

Parking brake failed.

General Comments:

Who decided that Ford 150's should look like Tonka toys?

I have driven a 4x4 F-150 for work in the woods for the last 3 decades, but the 2004 model ended that for good.

Ford stopped offering this model in a stick and I had nothing but trouble with this auto tranny. Had it replaced twice with cautions from the shop that I should stop driving with a foot on each pedal - gee, ya think?

Left skid marks on the highway and still overshot my intersection whenever the cruise control failed to disengage.

The redesigned seats were back breakers, inside visibility stunk; the bed side came up too high for convenient retrieval of tools in the bed.

This truck turned me off Ford for all time. Between the nonfunctional design, non-functioning construction and insulting dealer service Ford Motor Company deserves to go on the skids.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2006

29th Sep 2006, 11:22

That's really pathetic to have such HUGELY serious problems with a vehicle by only 14k miles. Obviously a defective, unsafe, hunk-of-junk! I'm sorry you had such a horrible time with this truck. It's bad enough to buy a vehicle and have such serious problems, but to buy a NEW vehicle and have these sorts of problems so soon. No excuses, Ford. I don't think Ford could build a good automatic transmission if their life depended on it. This is major reason why I'm too scared to buy any Ford.

2004 Ford F150 XL 4.6 8 cylinder. from North America


This truck is well worth it and rides like luxury

General Comments:

I bought this truck this year. I previously owned a 1991 Acura Legend, which I loved. I bought this truck, which is 2WD, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. I got a lot of grief for buying a 2WD truck, but this truck can stick to the road. In the pouring rain the tires rarely lose traction, even if I hit the gas from a dead stop.

Also, the truck has a lot of room behind the seat and the 8 foot bed is more than a generous amount of room for things that I need. Especially with a recent move this truck is amazing.

The one thing that I had trouble with is parking it when I first bought it. My previous vehicle wss much smaller and buying a truck, especially a full size with a 8 foot bed, takes some getting used to. It is well worth the buy and getting used to the length just takes some time, but I am more than happy with my decision to purchase this truck.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2006

4th Sep 2006, 10:05

Why did you say you would never buy another Ford if your happy with the truck.

27th Feb 2007, 16:48

Yes, I was wondering about the "frownie face" too. The F-150 is hands-down the world's best truck, so what's NOT to like??

2004 Ford F150 Super-Crew 4x4 Lariat 5.4 from North America


Great truck. It's a looker!


Center caps on the rims peeled.

Ford emblem in the steering wheel peeled.

Water in a tail light.

A little hesitation when you hit the gas.

General Comments:

Dealer fixed the hesitation buy re-flashing rge computer and fixed all other cosmetic problems right away! No fighting, nothing, just told them the problem and told "OK will get you new one's" and they did.

Love the looks of the truck. The 3 valve 5.4 has more power and gets better mileage than my 2002 5.4 super-crew. Just love the truck.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2006

12th Jul 2006, 20:20

Dang thing. My truck was built in 2003 but is the 2004 "new body style".

25th Jan 2007, 11:41

Well still no other problems with her. Now have 38,000kl (23750 miles). I know I don't drive it much. Not cuz of the fuel, heck its better than my 2002 was. But It's the toy so trying to keep the mileage low. Like The new Chevy/GMC, but they left the shifter on the coulomb and not down on the floor like mine so they still missed it. I just love that mind is on the floor like a car. Very good looking and preforming truck.

10th May 2007, 08:16

Just turned over 100,000k on my 2003 F150 Super Crew (purchased new in Feb. 2004). Just changed tires, previous tires worn even with still enough tread life. No mechanical problems - runs great. Body in excellent shape. Minor paint peel just started on plastic lip around passenger front fender - dealer taking care of. About 60% city driving, rest trips averaging 400ks to 1,000 ks.

Just sold my 1986 F150 with 302cid with over 500,000ks and still running great. So far see no reason why I will not get same from my 2003.

29th Dec 2007, 01:23

Owned my 2003 F 150 Lariat for several months and I am very pleased. I bought this car used with 125K, but it looks and drives like a new vehicle.

Question: Has anyone had problems with the radio receiving AM stations. My does not.

12th Jan 2008, 11:29

Man, I really don't drive her much eh. It's now Jan 08 and my truck now has 42000 kl (26098.8 miles). Hummm 4000 kl in a year. Well I'm keeping the mileage low.

Still love the truck. Have put a lot more chrome on her and she is looking great!!

On the AM radio thing. Yes I have noticed on a lot of radios seem to have that problem. GM, Ford etc. It doesn't seem to matter the manufacturer. I have only replaced the antenna and if that doesn't work the radio. If the AM works fine with the engine off, use a noise filter on the power of the radio. NOT the noise filter for the antenna. This doesn't always work though. You may be looking at a new head unit.