2004 Ford F150 XLT Super Cab 4.6 V8 from North America


Good truck... Lousy mileage!


Not a lot of problems.

Outside power rear view mirrors seem to come out of their "sockets' very easily. When I push the buttons, the mirrors move in the wrong directions or not at all.

Tailgate locks on its own.

Lousy fuel mileage.

General Comments:

I traded in a V-6 W/T 1500 Chevy for the Ford because I wanted more room for my family and the F-150 has four doors. The style of Chevy I like only has three doors, and the new Chevy's put the "UG" Ugly.

The Ford runs good, but does lack on power. Admittedly, it does have tall rear end gears. It won't hardly spin the tires, but will run 100 easily.

I have owned an '89 GMC and a'93 Chevy and two of our company trucks were '95 Chevy's. All had the 5.7 350 V-8. All got about 17-20 mpg, all had more power than my Ford.

Our current company truck is a 2001 F-150 XL. It has lower gears and will out run my truck, but neither will out run the Chevy's

OK, it's not really an apples to apples comparison. A 289 vs a 350. But GM's injected 350's get way better mileage.

So... the F-150 is a good truck, roomy and comfortable, but I'll probably be trading it off for something more economical. Possibly another W/T 1500 V-6. A very good, economical full size pickup.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2004

12th Nov 2004, 11:04

The 5.4 is not a 289, neither is the 4.6, just for your information. And you better check your numbers, because that Ford has more horsepower than those Chevy's did new.

18th Feb 2008, 19:15

4.6L = 281ci. 5.4L = 329ci (but I think Ford calls it a 330). The Ford has more power, but it's also WAYYY heavy, a lot heavier than those older Chevy's he spoke of. Then again, those Chevy's were pre Vortec models, and any I've driven, 89 & 90 both with brand new 350 engines at the time, were gutless dogs. The Vortec 305 and 350 models pull really well though.