2007 Ford F150 XLT 5.4 Triton VCT from North America


I love this truck, but it's very expensive to maintain! It's awesome and very powerful to drive


The actuators for the 4x4 in the front wheels have gone bad 2 times now (both sides). Had the dealer check them, and they had vacuum leaks, therefore needed to be replaced.

The first time (when I didn't need the 4x4, in the summer), I noticed a lot of noise when accelerating coming from the front of the truck. So I had the universals replaced, only to have it get even worse weeks later. Brought it back; there was a vacuum leak on an actuator on the driver's side, which tore up the wheel bearing. All cost $850 at dealer (out of warranty), and then have been replacing actuators for fun every 9 to 12 months use, even not using 4x4.

Had the motor in the transfer case (4x4 actuator switch) replaced once, not at dealer for $550.

Now my manifold is cracked with 2 studs missing on one side. The dealer has told me studs missing is rare for newer trucks, and the cost to fix is around $1100.

That's not to mention the coil packs... coils get bad very easily in this thing, had to replace all 8, two times now. These things are expensive at a dealer, almost $1000 (Motorcraft). Good thing I found a good after market coil pack that cost less than half price for 8... LOL. Highly recommend after market coils!! You'll figure it out, just ask friends they'll know somebody who's gone through it! Had plugs replaced and they all broke off... cost was $700. Had to replace 2 front calipers, rotors, and pads.

General Comments:

This is a very powerful truck. The 5.4 can tow/pull anything, as long as it is kept up (maintenance). It has unbelievable torque. Can't get stuck in winter, I tried! Has the best 4x4 (when working).

Make sure you can get your oil on time... not for warranty, but to prevent engine gunk... This engine had VCT (Variable Cam Timing), they have cam phasers in the upper part of the engine, which can go bad/gum up, from not changing your oil. I think this is a fault of Ford, but mine had been done just before I bought it... Thankfully, as the general cost is $2400 at a dealer!

Mine has full tow package, and its ride is a little rough, but it's got lots of room.

Hammer down on the throttle, and people are looking for a muscle car at the lights... LOL Ford makes a great sounding V8, and mine has a stock exhaust.

Don't buy this as an everyday family driver; the cost to run is just not practical. Fuel mileage is great for a V8. It gets better than my friend's GMC Envoy V6 4.3. Fill ups at the pumps are expensive; it has a massive tank, and fuel will do for a long while.

Very comfortable driving long distances; I like how I can stretch my left leg out straight... and I'm 6 foot 3".

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Review Date: 29th June, 2012

30th Mar 2017, 21:41

I had a 2007 F150 4x4 also. Had the same exact problems with the 4 wheel drive system. I have talked to a few other people with newer F150s and they have the same problems. I checked the new trucks and they have the same set up. One guy's FX4 truck only had 2400 km and his transfer case and 4 wheel drive was buggered up. They wanted to put used parts into his new truck. I called the Ford head office and they claim they haven't heard of any problems. I even made a suggestion on how to fix the problem. They didn't want to look into it. I probably insulted their engineers.

2007 Ford F150 FX2 Super Crew 4.6 from North America


Very impressed with its ride and looks



General Comments:

I did a lot of research on buying a used truck, and kept coming back to this vehicle. I test drive many different trucks, and again kept coming back to the FX2. Its style is great, many positive comments from others. The ride is better than expected and it is so roomy. Our family of 4 have been driving it everywhere.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2010