2007 Ford F150 Supercrew XLT 4x4 (5.5') 5.4L V8 Triton from North America


My very first truck. I couldn't have done better, if I do say so myself!


There has only been one problem since owning. But guess what... the problem corrected itself! The rear window (drivers side) would power down, but not up when using the local control switch. I could however use the driver control switch and make the window move both up and down. Kind of weird, yeah...

Anyway, after noticing this for about two weeks. I was at a Ford dealership getting some step bars installed. I informed the technician about the window issue. We went to take a look at it together. Boy, did I feel stupid when he simply tried the switch and it worked perfectly... go figure!

It has now been about a month and the window is still not an issue. I don't know what happened. I must have tried that switch a couple dozen times over a two week period... always resulting with the same issue. For him to simply operate it like that... I just don't know! Oh well, I'm just glad that my truck remains problem free. Such a great feeling!

General Comments:

I simply love this truck! Ford said that they would improve the comfort of the seats. I give them a 10 for doing exactly that. This truck is absolutely comfortable for the driver, in all ways.

I know... some of you will say that I have driven the truck for only 4700 miles. But let me inform you that 2458 miles of that was on a trek from San Diego, California to the Columbia Gorge, which borders Oregon and Washington State. I had read that the ride would be pleasant for a truck. It simply surpassed that. I set the cruise averaging around 70 mph most of the way. The cabin's quietness from road and engine noise is superb. Only once in a while would I ever hear some wind noise around the front pillars. But this was when I drove in the Columbia Gorge area, known for its wind (Also once considered the Windsurfing capital of the world).

I really like the maneuverability of this full size truck, I never feel unsure or hesitant when driving. For me, I almost forget about the size of the vehicle. The visibility is fantastic. You ride at a height which enhances the feeling of safety.

As for towing and hauling, I spent a day in Northern California, pulling my Uncles boat (18 ft.) with four adults and one child inside the cab. The drive seemed effortless for the truck (I should mention that my truck came with the 3.73 limited slip axle). The three passengers in back remarked how surprising comfortable and roomy the back seat was.

Fuel mileage is as expected, if not slightly better. The best I have gotten so far was 18.69 mpg (almost all highway). I am as of now averaging just above 16 mpg in city/highway driving. Note: I commute about 28 miles each way to work. So overall my driving is truly close to a 50 city/50 highway split. I feel sorry for those who state that they get less than expected mileage in their F150's. I just don't get it! My numbers are not fudged, they are truly accurate. In fact, I even feel confident in saying that I expect these numbers to slightly improve as I break the truck in further. On the other hand, I do wonder about those who say they are getting between 19 and 22 mpg on the freeways. I guess it could be possible though. I remember when I had the little Focus hatchback when they first came out. After a couple of years it actually started getting better mileage than was listed. I don't know about you guys... but when I'm in my truck I just feel a great sense of pride. Driving a Ford makes me feel that much more of an American!


All right... some are probably saying the truck can't be perfect (Even though I think its as close as can be). So I will write a few things about this truck that might distract another driver... Here goes:

1) I am around six feet tall, and while I am perfectly comfortable in the seating arrangement, a smaller person might find that the width of this cabin makes the arm rests on door and in middle of front seat too far apart. They might find that they can only use on at a time.

I know... I am searching here!

2) Some might prefer the longer 6.5' bed. Though, I will add that the F150 bed depth kind of makes up for my trucks shorter length (5.5'). I'll also add that it is somewhat easier to get in and out of parking spaces (Especially if this is your daily driver).

3) I really wish there was a middle armrest for the back seat. Does anyone know of a modification I could install to solve this issue?

4) Lastly. For some reason Ford forgot to put various storage compartments throughout the cabin. Oh well, can't have everything. Besides the cabin is a behemoth inside, so you can just throw everything around. Don't worry the stuff won't ever get in your way!

Well, I really hope this helps someone pick out the truck that is best suited for them. I know I have found mine. And maybe just maybe I will write again in the future! -Take care all-

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Review Date: 24th May, 2007

26th May 2007, 12:37

I have the same truck (2004 Lariat S/C 4x4) and agree with the reviewer.

5th Jul 2007, 21:05

This is not a good truck. Still a cheaply made Ford with their typical economy build quality. I wouldn't even consider buying one even if it cost much, much less. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this truck. I've test drove one, and it has that typical 'Ford' feeling, which is that after you hit a few bumps and put a few miles on, it's going to rattle apart and generally go downhill. Don't buy one.

2007 Ford F150 FX2 5.4 FFV from North America


Beautiful truck


I just picked the truck up last month. I ordered it new so it is too early to tell on a lot of stuff, but the truck is sweet and looks very good for a truck. The old tired and true F-150, but the new FX2 model.

General Comments:

This is my first truck and let me tell you this baby is nice. It rides very good for a truck I was taken back at the ride as I was surprized pleasantly. The interior and cab is a 10 out of 10. I got the super-cab. The sound system is good for a factory install make sure you get the audiophile option.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2007