17th Jul 2007, 13:27

I think the F150 being the best selling Truck in the USA for decades speaks for it's reliability.

Ford trucks are known to be overbuilt.

I can't wait till I get my new F150.

21st Jul 2007, 02:29


16th Aug 2007, 22:04

My 1997 4X4 has 241,000 original miles. Other than regular oil changes, the only repairs have been:

- 2 X spark plug replacement

- 2 X transmission oil change

- Fuel injector remove, clean, replace

- Battery

- Driver side hub assembly

- A/C pulley.

It's been a great truck. I hope to get another one soon... and hope it runs as well as this one has.

2nd Oct 2007, 20:58

My husband just bought a 2007 Ford F-150. I've never driven a truck before. I had a 2006 Nissan Altima and loved how smooth it was to drive. Well, the Ford is just as nice to drive, except that you can feel the bumps on the road a little more. I love how high it sits high. They did a great job with the interior also. I was just telling my husband the other day that I wished they made a Ford F-150 type trucks for women. Same height, but with a shorter bed.

He used to have an old '89 F-150 and loved it. They're very dependable. Didn't have any major problems with it. I'm sold on the F-150's! :)

4th Nov 2007, 10:19

I recently bought the F150 Supercab 5.4 4x4. Love the truck. Traded a 2006 Chevy LT1 because I needed 4 wheel drive. Ford was slightly less expensive and in my opinion, much more solid. I was not pleased with my dealer, but that has nothing to do with the truck. I did already have to replace the security module at under 2000 miles and the replacement part was also bad. It is now fixed under warranty and doing fine. Only real concern to date is fuel. I understand bigger engines and fuel economy. I am a decent driver (not a heavy foot). So far at 2500 miles, fuel average is around 12 to 13 in minor traffic and/or wind to the best was no load and a tailwind where I achieved 16.9 mpg. I just hope to be able to get at least 15 plus highway as she breaks in and I still recommend this truck.

31st Dec 2007, 13:57

I just bought my '08 F150 last weekend. She had 4 miles on her. I don't have much room to talk as I am a new owner. I do love this truck. I had a 97 S-10 ext. cab and she was a good truck. I got in a bad wreck and the ins. company said she wasn't worth fixing. I never knew what I was missing. I love the F150, more ground clearance and well laid out. Mine is an XL as that is all my budget allows. I feel the factory tires on an XL do the truck an injustice. I swapped the factory AM/FM radio for my CD player. I hope for years of trouble free ownership. Great reviews on here I see!

22nd Jan 2008, 12:23

You'll always see great reviews on the F-150. It has been the best truck on the planet for years.

My family's 2 companies use Ford vans, F-150's and Rangers as service fleet vehicles. Very few of them require any repairs other than routine maintenance for 200,000-250,000 miles. There are still a couple of 15-year-old (1993) Rangers in the fleets and they are still in daily use.

I've owned 4 Rangers and none have ever required any repairs. Consumer Reports featured a Ranger with just under half a million miles on it with no major repairs.

The F-150 is even more ruggedly built and durable. And yes, the F-150 most definitely IS overbuilt. Ford uses larger-than-required structural members, drive train components and bracing in the F-150 to provide a safe and reliable truck capable of real work.

The poorly made Titan (on many "vehicles to avoid" lists) and the unreliable and dangerous Tundra (steering problems, brake problems, suspension problems, transmission problems, and on and on...) is not capable of real work usage. I've seen one company that uses Tundras, and they are a pest control company that only carries little canisters of bug spray at low speeds on city streets. Real work requires real trucks, such as the F-150.

23rd Jan 2008, 20:23

I have driven F150s for 10 yrs. It is the best truck in the world. IF you decide to look at the Tundra, be sure to look at the safety ratings and the transmission problems. Ford builds the best truck and 31 yrs number 1 proves it.

26th Jan 2008, 16:52

Why FORD don't make their mini vans as reliable as an F-150?

8th Apr 2008, 17:48

Er...I do own a 2000 Tundra. But I'm not a domestic hater or anti-American (the opposite). My next truck will likely be a Ford F250. Yes they are built for work that Tundras simply aren't. I've liked my Tundra but some oversights have annoyed me. I've had no trouble with the transmission (at 110,000mi.) or engine, but the brakes have started to shimmy a bit. Plus the seat-belts don't retract and the doors have very weak detents.

Anyway, just wanted to add my comment as a Tundra owner who sees his truck as a truck, not a religion. I really do like Ford's trucks. They are more capable for heavy-duty work. Ford rates most of them heavier than Toyota does and they aren't kidding.

14th Apr 2008, 23:00

It's nice to hear from a sincere and honest Tundra owner. That is a refreshing change from the usual import rants we are so used to seeing. One of my best friends owns a Tundra and when I asked him recently if he could haul a rather heavy load of building material for me his reply was "Well, I don't think my Tundra would handle it. I'll borrow my son's '87 F-150". Enough said.

28th Sep 2009, 17:35

I'm looking at buying an '07 F-150 SuperCrew very soon. Glad to hear it's a good truck! I've had Chevs and GMs in the past. In my opinion and experience, they are poorly built vehicles. This will be the first Ford product I've ever purchased. I hope I'm not making a mistake.

15th Dec 2009, 02:00

We have a 05 F150 XLT, we use it for around the house, at the workshop, off-roading, towing our race cars and even towing broken down cars back to our repair center.

This truck was the best money we have ever spent on a vehicle. To today it has been reliable and there when needed.

Gas up, check the oil and off we go on trips for work or pleasure. Great truck, I cannot say enough, loving it everyday.

5th May 2010, 09:09

I have a 2008 F150, same model as yours. EXCELLENT truck all around. Best vehicle of any kind I have ever owned, worth every penny.

6th Jun 2011, 10:21

I have owned a Ford Ranger and a Ford Windstar minivan.

The Ranger is a well engineered, reliable vehicle that is superior to the Toyota truck I previously owned.

The Windstar was constantly setting engine and ABS codes. It had electrical problems, heater/air conditioner issues, vacuum problems, etc. For some reason, Ford failed to address some of the major issues on the Windstar/Freestar minivans. That is why Toyota and Honda took over the minivan market.

17th Mar 2013, 19:11

You probably had the child safety window lock on. That allows the driver to roll up or down the windows, but not the "child" sitting in the back.