3rd Feb 2011, 20:28

Nothing really new to report. The odo is at 106500 miles. Runs the same, but the exhaust is getting pretty bad, and a stabilizer-bar link broke. Replaced the driver's side 2 winters ago. Isn't a big deal, a $20 part and a 20 minute job with a ratchet and ball joint spacer.

Also got new tires, 265/75-16 Goodyear Wrangler TD's.

There a decent A/T. I'm having them mounted tomorrow, and hopefully they'll be better than the Ass-trackers I had before.

Also plan on changing the transmission and front diff fluid when time allows; hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

4th Apr 2011, 14:20

109k, nothing new. Never got around too getting the diff fluid and tranny fluid changed.

Pinion seal starting to leak again, along with the axle seal is getting to be a pain, Lucas ATF stop leak slowed it down for a while. I love 8.8 ford rear axles, they either don't leak for 300k or will always leak. At least I know where I have parked now from the puddle of gear oil.

The oil change at 108k was notable only in the fact that the cheapo filters that I've been getting have went from being a good deal to being huh, I didn't know aluminum foil was that strong.

One positive note is that I did get the link bar replaced.

3rd Aug 2012, 15:57

Another update, I replaced both axle seals and the rear axle oil. Hasn't leaked so far. It only has 111,000 on it since I've been driving my '02 FX4.

The brake line broke 2 days ago on it though. I still had rear brakes, but it's interesting to have the pedal sink to the floor before it starts to slow down.

It broke where the flex line connects to the hard line right under the master cylinder.

23rd Apr 2013, 13:13

OP again. Nothing really big too report. The truck has 120k on it as of today and a few things I've noticed.

The power steering in leaking. I suspect that it is simply a line that is worn.

I replaced both the front brake pads and tires (265-75-16 Cooper ATP's) within the last 1k. It rides much better, but I have yet to change the factory shocks.

One thing that came up is that the gauge cluster will read Low Range even when I'm in 4 High. It still operates fine, but it's kinda strange.

4th Feb 2014, 21:05

131,000. Nothing much too report besides some body damage from a fender bender and one of the brand new tires is delaminating. The alternator died in late July of 2013 and was replaced, along with the original battery. Installed a brand new exhaust with a low restriction muffler in Sept at roughly 125k. Nothing else to report.