5th Apr 2005, 14:34

In the last five months I have had 4 coils go out and the repair is expensive. It concerns me about traveling long distances.

19th Oct 2005, 18:43

Yeah, the coils on Ford vehicles are generally a problem area - Ford knows it and won't do much about it. I'd advise you to replace all of them at once with OEM or better aftermarket units, and make your you use some kind of sealing grease to keep moisture out. Excellent review, by the way. Hope you continue to have loads of fun destroying Honda's with it!

16th Jan 2006, 20:42

Well all I can say is wow!! you may not think this is true, but here goes. I bought a used 1999 red lightning last summer. a good buddy of mine got it from a good friend of his a few months before. my friend Ricky bought the truck & did not even know what is was. all he knew was it was real fast & it was red. rick left the truck with me for a few weeks so I could enjoy it. then after that he got it back & he told me he was tired of buying gas. since rick new the past owner I got all of the OEM paperwork & invoices for upgrades & repairs this guy had bought it new & used it for work! the truck is like brand new & being an ASE certified master tech even I could not get over how nice it really is. now that I have gone on so long its time for the unbelievable part it has 161,000 miles on it. it has no squeaks or rattles & it runs & drives new. I can't understand it, but its true. everybody that has ridden, driven or looked at it thinks the miles are 50 or 60k. hats of to SVT/Ford this thing is just too good! I wish I could have bought it new. I would recommend the purchase of a lightning to anybody. thanks for letting me babble on. sorry for the bad spelling, gramer and all that school stuff cars have been a high priority for me all my life and school work sucked. Bubba one st. Pete fl.

21st Jan 2006, 14:50

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you had a problem with your ford lightning using oil?