20th Dec 2008, 10:45

I wouldn't recommend Toyota or Dodge... very low quality!!!

12th May 2009, 08:39

Experience has shown that it is all but physically impossible for 'Toyota' and 'low quality' to exist in a manner where they have anything to do with each other.

I am very impressed with the 1997-2002 Expedition and F-150, and it should be noted that the two trucks are visually and most likely mechanically the same. The Ford Excursion and the Super Duty trucks are similar in the same ways. Ford knows very well how to make a good truck, but that can't count for everything if Ford wants to be around in sixty years.

7th Feb 2010, 23:58

I agree, Toyota is a good idea for a truck, but only if you don't plan on using it for a working truck, via, toeing, hauling etc. Ford is known for building a working man's truck, thus "Built Ford Tough". But that being said, Toyota does have a nice line of trucks that are fuel efficient, but not work horse trucks.

8th Feb 2010, 16:42

Where I live, I've seen hundreds of Toyota trucks with ladder racks and business lettering on them. Most are being used by carpenter's, and towing large box trailers. Heck, I even saw a carpenter using a Honda Ridgeline. No joke. I see a lot of Chevrolet's and GMC's as well. Almost no Fords. That's just my observation my area though.

23rd Jul 2010, 10:05

"You shouldn't be driving if you are going to be that picky. Have you ever thought that a problem with the vehicle could be caused by common wear?"

I looked this up to check on owner experiences with a truck I might purchase. Based on actual owner experience with Ford products of that era, (1990's), I'll pass.

That said, before purchasing a Nissan Xterra in '06, I went to visit every U.S. truck maker - Ford included. In particular, I wanted to get a Ford Escape 4x4 SUV.

I knew a great dealer who in fact offered me a great deal on a truck. By chance, a friend suggested I compare the price for that truck and what I'd be getting against a Nissan Xterra. There is no fair way to compare these two vehicles side by side, as the Xterra is so much better and better priced.

The Ford was built poorly, had shoddy materials, included innumerable "safety" devices that made driving the car a nuisance, had lousy head room, poor handling, and the 4x4 version was both extra expensive and it did not perform well.

By contrast, the Xterra came stock with a vastly superior engine, trans, the 4x4 work amazingly well, the headroom was cavernous, and fit and finish was excellent and appropriate for a 4x4 that would surely see mud.

When Ford or Obama Moterwerks decide to build a truck as good, durable, and as reliable as the Xterra for the same price - I'll be first in line.

5th Nov 2011, 13:39

If you live in the North East, I strongly suggest not getting a Toyota. A lot of them rust away in a few years (like 2-3) up here. I personally have never had any real issues with my American trucks; right now I have a 1988 Ford Ranger that is still running at around 300k+. I'm looking at buying an F150, because I need more truck, and found one at a good price.