19th Apr 2004, 13:08

My 1988 F150 is as dependable as those previous. With 258,000 miles on it... if it ain't broken yet... it won't!

The only problem I'm having is with the sloppy shifter mentioned in the original post.

I have the 4 speed with overdrive that uses the direct shifter. Easily reached and removed once the boot is retracted.

Is there a rebuild kit for this thing. It appears the pivot pins are worn out and the spring/shims that hold the ball in place have shattered.

Any help would be appreciated.


4th Oct 2004, 07:31

I do agree with all my fore writers. I own a used 89000 mile 1990 F-150 with the "legendary" 300ci I6 engine. The truck was imported to Germany in 1993 and rust-conserved with a kind of yellow wax-fluid. No body or chassis rust till now. Fuel-injected engine runs strongest with originally 3+1 manual floorshifted gearbox. Truck, engine and components seem to be indestructible. Truck cries for heavy load on the bed, that is its element...

No way to compare with some weak trucks made over here.

OK, the mileage could be a bit better...

Jo Jo, Germany.

9th Sep 2005, 18:23

Hi I have a 1992 Ford F150 Custom, it has 344,000 (that's right, 344,000) miles and still going. Need I say more?

5th Oct 2006, 19:46

I bought my '89 F150 4.9L in '94. I consider it a piece of equipment. I certainly haven't treated it like "porcelain". It hauls my four, over 80 pound dogs to the creek, and I can rinse out the salt water "shake-off" at home. I like to be out in hurricane weather, and I and my chainsaws have stayed warm and dry. We go tent camping where there are sometimes NO roads, without 4-wheel drive! Had a rear seal blow out on the uphill to cross Skyline drive. At the top, let traffic by and inspect. Blew rear oil seal, and had to limp home with "chainsaw bar oil", and a gruesome lower knock. After the deer charged the front left, I finally made it home to have the motor seize in the driveway. Freed it up, 2 weeks later, same noise due to collapsed oil filter from previous overheat cleaning insides, and seized second time. Freed again, and the third seize was due to oil pump plate came loose. Freed up engine one more time, and have been driving it for over two years now. YES SIR! I sure have gotten more than reasonable use outta mine. Guess who folks 'round here call to tow 'em out!