1989 Ford F150 Custom 300 I-6 from North America


Excellent submarine and battering ram


Emergency brake cable broke at 105,000.

Transfer case handle broke at 175,000.

Rust on rear fenders.

Alternator went out at 179,000.

Power steering pump replaced at 170,000 miles.

Starter went out at 125,000.

Sloppy shifter action at 110,000.

Broken rear leaf spring at 120,000.

Wheel bearings replaced at 145,000.

Speedometer went bad at 110,000.

Temperature gauge bad at 120,000.

General Comments:

I love this truck. Everything that has gone wrong with it has been a direct result of my actions. It has been submerged over the hood in floodwater after I drove off the road... the motor never quit running, but it ruined the wheel bearings. The bench seat was soaked like a sponge. The headlights made it look like a submarine, but somehow I drove it out. It has hit a concrete light pole base, a huge 12-foot flower planter, a van, several deer, and finally my other car in a low-speed accident. It has been buried in mud several times as well as snow. As a result of my abuse, there is a dent in the front bumper, the grille is cracked, the right headlight has detached and simply lays in place. Needless to say, I can't drive and this truck has saved my butt on many occcasions.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2003

19th Feb 2004, 12:23

I purchased my 1993 F-150 used in 1997 after a construction company used it for several years.

The 1st year I ran it for all of 2,500km. I do not remember touching it for the next 3 years other than putting in fuel and changing the oil religiously @ 5,000km intervals.

This truck gets used a lot and often hauls a cubic yard of soil or construction materials at over a ton. I simply run the rear tires at 43lbs. The bed simply sits down on the differential.

I have put over 150,000 km on the truck since it was purchased, and have recently had to have the automatic 4 speed overdrive transmission rebuilt @ 195000km.

The following are the repairs that have been carried out:

Alternator changed twice

Idler pulley

Fuel tank

Oil pan gasket

Rear differential outer bearings

Front shock absorbers

Brakes once in front - twice rear

Windshield wiper motor twice

All in all this is a very dependable vehicle that will run endlessly. Most of the parts are now available from independents and are cheap to buy. Very little on this truck needs to be repaired by a mechanic, most items are easy to access.

One problem may be dealing with rust since everything lasts so long, and up here in Canada we have lots of snow and salted road surfaces which promote more rust.

I will have it repainted this summer, and should get another 10 years out of my F 150.

1989 Ford F150 XLT 5.0 fuel injection from North America


More performance then any I know.


I have a vibration in the front left side when I get at 35mph. Stops before you get to 35mph and after ward.

General Comments:

Best 4x4 I know of, I mean you have to drive it to believe me.

The truck has so much torque that I had to chain the motor to the frame, plus I had to change the drive shaft out for a much stronger one because I thought that the thing was gonna break from the horse power.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2003

5th Jan 2003, 08:42

I disagree I own a 1989 F-150 XLT 5 LITER. I do not find it to be that powerful even with my uprated camshaft and ignition. As for chaining the motor to the frame, you should have just replaced your bottom motor mounts.

5th Jan 2003, 10:04

I have owned Ford trucks for years, and I have never found a 5.0 that knocked my socks off. Don't get me wrong it's a good motor just not loaded with power, and gas mileage was bad for no more power that it had. If you want power from a factory Ford gas motor buy the V10. This motor performs like a champ, plenty pulling power and speed, the best of both worlds and still will get around 14 mpg, at least mine does. It pulls a 40 foot camper with ease and, when empty will accelerate as good as todays police cars. I know this for a fact I drive a police car daily. Even with all that I still do not need to chain the motor down.

30th Apr 2004, 11:45

I have to say I've never had a 5.0 litter motor in my truck did not need it my 4.9 six does the trick it will go anywhere you need to go and will haul anything you need also I have had to change my motor mounts many times.