1989 Ford F150 XLT Lariat 5.0 V8 2X4 from North America


Not bad for $750


There are some serious electrical problems with my truck. The rear lights and dash lamp don't work. The cab light and bed light are out as well.

The rear anti-lock break system acts up at high speeds.

For no reason the AM radio stopped working.

The radiator had a hole in it at 13000 m.

The oil pressure gets pretty low from time to time.

The rear gas tank won't take any fuel.

Both front and rear bumpers have dings and scraps from the beating it took during it's time at a gravel pit.

The oil pan leaks oil.

The power steering is broken.

I had to re-fill the Air Conditioning when I first purchased it.

And the bed liner is ripped in a few spots.

General Comments:

Despite long off road treks, and pulling immensely heavy loads at a gravel pit for 11 years, my truck runs extremely well.

Even though it only has two wheel drive, I can take her up the huge grass hill that leads to my home everyday.

I love the extremely low end torque, and it handles very well.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2004

1989 Ford F150 XLT 300 Inline 6 cylinder from North America


Problematic, but for the money who cares!


I have had problems with the charging system. Alternator.

Power windows work, but very slow.

Muffler rusted needs replaced headers back. Midas quote $360.

Drivers side rear break leaking fluid. Had to change cylinder and pads.

Oil pan leaks from gasket being sealed too tight.

Serpentine needed changed.

Flushed radiator found a sealant dealership put in.

Bulb in dash under speedometer flashes on and off.

General Comments:

I really cannot complain about this truck. It may sound like it's a lemon, but it has never failed to start and run like a champ.

I found this truck at a price I could not pass up. It has a 3 inch lift and 33 inch tires. The body was straight as an arrow and hardly any rust. I'm sure the body alone was worth what I paid. 4x4 works very well. For only $1,600. For that kind of money I don't mind. fixing the little things I listed above.

I really love this short-bed ford.

Most people I talk to and tell what I paid usually offer me a couple hundred bucks more to buy it. Sorry guys I found it first.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2004

1989 Ford F150 Custom 5.0 V8 from North America


Can't live with it, can't live without it!


I have had a constant problem with it stalling intermittently at stop signs ever since I have owned it and many mechanics including Ford dealer shops have been unable to correct it successfully. This is the most annoying and perplexing problem I have had with this vehicle.

Both the exhaust manifolds have cracked and required replacement at about 160000km.

I also had a cracked head and a burnt valve requiring upper engine overhaul at 160000 km.

I have replace ball joints twice and done two complete brake jobs.

I have had to replace the Plenum intake manifold gasket at 140000km.

I have replaced the alternator regularly about every 40000km which has been most annoying.

I have had to replace the ignition switch twice, once on a recall and later because of a failure.

I had to replace the oil pan gasket at 175,000km.

I have had problems with the paint peeling off the primer coat as long as I have owned it.

I replaced a clutch at 180000km.

I replaced a fan clutch at about 190000 km.

General Comments:

Despite this litany of problems, I am still endeared to this truck. It is very solid, takes a lot of abuse on rough roads and is a good trailer hauler when in good tune. It's performance was greatly enhanced with a change to high performance ignition wires and an MSD Ignition System. It does not rust despite the paint problems and I do not have a single rattle in it despite the high mileage.

Gas mileage never exceeds 17 mpg.

Interior is still very good despite very little care.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

12th Feb 2008, 17:19

I would check you Cat Converter. I believe that is your problem on it stalling when coming up to a stop sign and stop lights.

20th Jul 2012, 18:09

Your stalling problems could be your IAC valve, TPS sensor, EGR valve or cats.