12th Nov 2005, 04:15

I only get 15 mpg on my 4.2 V6, stick, and owners of the 4.6 V8 tell me they are getting 18 mpg. It bugs me I get less engine power, with lower gas mileage. I do use my truck for heavy hauling, and I run it off road, the suspension handles 2400 to 2600 lbs of coal. If I had to do it over again I would have purchased the V8 instead of the V6. The local Ford Dealer gave me a price on a 2005 F150 4x4 STX with a 4.6, auto for $19,700 with the rebates and discounts, the sticker on it was $27,300, and offered me $12,000 trade in. Maybe I should have took that deal.

9th Aug 2007, 10:47

It's interesting to read all of the negative comments... my F-150 just hit 47,000 miles and I have yet to take it to the shop!! I'm considering a BMW, but after reading the reviews I think I may just stick to my truck. I just replaced the tires and the only thing I've EVER done is perform the oil changes. I LOVE this truck although it does lack pick up and eats up gas! But hey... it IS a truck!! :)

15th Oct 2007, 15:02

Poor fuel mileage is in part due to the HP to weight ratio.. small 6 pulling a big truck. it is always working harder than the V-8. Ball joints are a common weak point on these trucks as well as the spark plugs. Use caution when you change them, the ends of the plugs break off and then your stuck putting a new head on. It's a real dumb design!!! They are known for blowing the plugs out of the head, just like the 5.4 and the V-10.

9th Oct 2014, 17:09

The 4.2L V6 does not have spark plug spitting problems like the V8s & V10.

The 4.2 is an ESSEX engine, completely different from the 4.6, 5.4, & 6.8L modular TRITONS.