11th Feb 2007, 18:52

I just bought an '05 Lariat F150 Crew Cab, flew to Vegas to pick it up, and drove back to the Memphis area (yes, 1500 miles plus). I can vouch that, unequivocally, I didn't lead foot it, and never got over 15 mpg on the highway. So, don't float that junk about it being driver issues. Why whine about it, since it "comes with the territory"? Mainly because the sticker says that the average highway is 18, considerably different than 15 at best, and 13 on hilly roads. Mine isn't missing or weak, just has horrid mileage. Any thoughts on how to get better mileage out of it?

12th Feb 2007, 18:25

Get rid of it. I have a 2004 super crew 4x4 5.4l and get over 20 on the hwy. the last trip got me 22.4 mpg Not only by what the computer in the truck tells me, but the math after I fill up. If you're not driving at 75-80 mph and getting 15 mpg, the truck is just not running properly and if they can't fix it well keep paying or get rid of her.

11th Mar 2007, 10:46

I bought a 2006 F150 5.4L in Sept 06. It now has 14,000 miles on it and I have yet to see 16mpg. A very noticeable hesitation when accelerating. Nice truck, good price but costly to operate. Previously owned a 2000 Silverado w/5.3L and always got 18-19mpg on hwy.

11th May 2007, 22:32

I have a 2004 f150 super crew 4x4 that has grinding sound at times. I can engage the 4x4 and it will stop. it does it just driving down the road. thought might be brakes or front end, but had both checked and it did it on the way home. any suggestions.

15th May 2007, 22:31

In general, I've been satisfied with my 5.4L 2004 Supercrew. But one complaint I have is the cheap, cheap upholstery material. Even water will stain it, and it's nearly impossible to keep looking clean. Geez Ford, it's the 21st Century -- can't you do better?

6th Aug 2007, 21:51

I have a 2005 F150 Lariat that has been super great! Not as good gas mileage as a car, but IT IS A TRUCK! Mine is fully loaded and drives and rides like a dream! My wife would just as soon ride the truck as our car, sometimes even rather.

12th Sep 2007, 20:47

I have a 2005 ford f-150 lariat super crew. I paid 38,000.00 for the truck. After 22,000 miles the tranny went. 1300 miles later, same problem. 36008 miles after the warranty was up same problem. now at 37300 miles my #4 piston is not firing. Good Times!

2nd Oct 2007, 23:30

I own a 2005 Ford F-150 Larit supercrew and I love it. bought it for 22,200.beautiful..like new..tags..plastic on carpet and to top it off it was dropped, windows tinted, fiberglass top. It was a steal. Also I do run it hard sometimes and it gives me about 13 mpg... running normal gives me about 21-22 mpg.. the only problem I have had is the driver window.. (but talking about customer service) they took it in right away and was ready in no time so I guess it just depends what dealer you go to. Because the one I went to in south texas treated me like a "king".

4th Oct 2007, 04:54

Here's the deal with trucks, they aren't like cars AT ALL.

The BIG mileage factor on trucks is their final drive ratio

I'm not sure of the exact stats on this model. They vary greatly, From 3.09:1 in my cherokee (a small truck) to 4.10:1 in my old F100 (a real hauler). The higher the number (x:1) the lower the gearing, and there for the gas mileage. The dealerships everyone hates so much could tell you what you have, all they need is your vin#.

I will say this I've NEVER been treated right by ANY new car dealership.

19th Oct 2007, 11:55

I have a 05 Lariat Super cab, with a 5.4 v8. I had a 2000, with a 4.6 and had stumbling problems and coils blowing out. I just drove it like it was (after bringing it to two different dealers); it wouldn't pull a 16ft light boat. I told myself I would never buy another Ford,. Well I did; I just love my truck. But it now has 44000 on it; the tranny is rough already, and the motor seems weak. Motor runs very roughly at times, valve has a knock. And yesterday my brakes got very very soft, like won't lock the tires on a roll. And the check engine light is on, and an air leak sounds like it is coming from behind the intake! I think my next truck will be a Toyota.

30th Oct 2007, 23:21

I have a 2005 F-150 Super Crew with 5.4 V8. Bought it in November of 2005. The window sticker showed 14 MPG city and 18 MPG highway. I have yet to see 18 MPG on a long trip. I typically get 14.8 to 15.4 MPG. I am coming up on 38K miles and have had no mechanical issues. The gas is what it is. If not getting an extra 3 MPG breaks you, buy something cheaper. I do have a few gripes: 1) The paint is super thin. The Lariat's painted bumpers chip like crazy. Wish I had chrome. 2) My F-150 fender badge has missing paint that flaked off. I've seen a bunch in my area with it. 3) Does not retain any real value. Bought it to keep. If you want resale, buy a Toyota Tundra! 4) And yes, mine hesitates a lil when you gag it.

It's a great truck an I get tons of complements. I love it.

29th Nov 2007, 23:14

I just bought a 2008 F-150 crew cab with a 5.4L Triton V8. The truck is a monster!! I've only filled it up twice and my average mpg was 10.5 (highway and city). But I have been driving it like a sports car (taking off fast, breaking at the last second, etc). I'm going to take it easy from now on and hopefully see a difference. I've also heard it the gas mileage won't become consistant until after 1000 miles "breaking in period" so we'll see. The truck is hot as hell though and I can't wait to get up every morning to drive it!

17th Dec 2007, 22:13

I have a 2007 Ford F150 Supercrew. It has the 5.4 3v flex fuel engine and it has a slight hesitation when I get on it. Does anyone know how to correct this? The truck gets 15 mpg around town with its 373 gears. It only has 2000 miles on it. I'm thinking of changing the plugs to Densos. Love the truck, but the problems I could do without..

9th Jan 2008, 19:03

In response to the poster about driving down the road and the front end starts to grind and then go away if put into 4x4 hi; my 04 F150 did the same thing; it was the iwe solenoid that controls the vacuum locking hubs. It only cost $30 for the part and that has been the only problem so far.

My buddy has the same truck and it developed a pretty loud knocking noise; it turned out to be the cam phasers which control the v.v.t for the cams. It causes no damage; it just drives you crazy. It is not an easy or cheap fix, so if you develop this problem, you better hope you've got warranty.

Now on the topic of gas mileage, my 5.4 gets damn good mileage, better than my 2000 4.6 Expedition did, and I have no problem lighting up the back tires from a stop, no hesitation here.