2005 Ford F150 XLT 5.4 from North America


I will not make this mistake again


Coil packs, cam phasers.

General Comments:

This truck has been repaired several times.

The cam phasers are a huge problem and are expensive to replace.

All four window regulators have broken since purchase.

The coil packs are a constant problem.

I purchased this truck with an unknown service history and don’t know if that is why it has been plagued with problems; maybe poor maintenance. In researching this model, it seems many people have the same problems. The transmission shifts are quirky.

Some people swear by Ford products, many times I have sworn at mine. I wish this truck was as reliable as my 1998 Ford Expedition.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2017

22nd Jan 2018, 16:09

Sorry, forgot to mention on my previous post. Factory radio quit at 128,000. The heat has not worked well since I have owned the truck. Had to replace the left front caliper as it began sticking. Evap hoses under hood replaced. My dad always said Fix Or Repair Daily. Now I understand.

22nd Jan 2018, 21:17

Odd, I’ve owned multiple Fords without problems. But, I got them new, meaning they had 100k fewer miles than your truck for a lot of the driving. I’m thinking that’s the reason for the mostly minor issues you describe. People buy vehicles with extremely high miles and expect them to perform like new. Why are they 75-80% cheaper than new vehicles? Hmm.

23rd Jan 2018, 14:04

You bought an 11 year old vehicle with over 100K miles on it.

Unrealistic to think it would not need any, possibly major, repairs!

23rd Apr 2018, 19:23

Extremely high miles would be my brother's 2001 Dodge Ram with 350,000.

High miles would be my dad’s 1986 Chevrolet Scottsdale that had one transmission in 400,000 miles.

My Ford with 138,000 should not be plagued with so many problems. My 1998 Ford Expedition with 207,000 has never missed a beat. My 1993 Ford F-250 has been used, abused, and has about 160,000, still ready to roll. My opinion is Ford dropped the ball on the 2005 F150.

28th May 2019, 15:05

It's obvious you bought a LEMON! Even in the best of vehicles, you're going get one sometimes. I am sorry about your troubles, but I've seen many F150s like yours go over 300K on the original drive line. Did you run the truck through a thorough check on everything before you bought it?

14th Apr 2020, 17:16

I'm shopping for my first full size pickup and am looking for something that is cheap and solid, getting good gas mileage. I am seeing comments about F150's wearing out with less than 200K miles. My Toyota Matrix (Corolla) drives like new with over 350K miles on it. Why can't a heavy duty vehicle do as well or better?

2005 Ford F150 XLT 5.4 from North America


Not bad after 207000 miles


Both power windows broke. Not the motors.

A part in the differential wore out. 800 for an under the table fix by a Ford mechanic at just over 100k miles.

Fuel pump at around 175k.

Both front wheel bearings.

Spark plug breaking problem. 450 to replace the spark plugs the first time.

General Comments:

It still rides great and has decent power. Overall it's been a reliable truck.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2015

2005 Ford F150 XL 4.6 V8 from North America




Have had the starter, serpentine belt, 2 pulleys, and an interlock transmission switch replaced. Runs good, and other than a few minor problems like listed above, it has been a good truck.

General Comments:

Feels slightly underpowered. Add a programmer and exhaust. It sounds pretty good.

Love the 4wd in it.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2013

2005 Ford F150 Lariat 5.4 from North America


It's a good truck. If it was better on fuel, I would keep it


Ball joints replaced at 100,000km - 60,000 miles (normal wear).

One battery every other winter - it must have a battery drain, but everything is factory. I just exchange the battery every other year when it dies, at Costco.

The brakes felt really soft, so I upgraded to slotted rotors; big improvement.

The black paint came off the F-150 badge on the fender, but I like the look.

The truck felt sluggish when I bought it. Added an Edge programmer, and what a difference. I leave it in trans mode.

The buttons on the stereo have worn off. It looks bad but doesn't affect the stereos performance. I have had it overheat before and stop playing.

General Comments:

I want to say first that I am totally unbiased, and have no reason to exaggerate. We have multiple cars in our household, and they all have their pros/cons.


This is a beautiful truck. I love the interior.

It rides nice and has lots of power.

The automatic climate control works better than in our Lexus.

The 6 disc changer stereo is excellent.

The heated seats get nice and hot.

It tows our 27ft camper trailer like a champ, with the Edge in tow mode.

The rear seats fold up instead of down. It's a great design, and makes for lots of cargo room inside.


It idles rough sometimes.

The power steering whines, especially if cold outside.

It seems to go through tires quickly, but that may be my spirited driving.

The gas tank door doesn't lock.

It's hard on fuel (it is a truck). 12-13 mpg city and 16-17 on the highway. Again; may be my spirited driving.

If you drive 90kph - 55mph, you can get 18-20mpg.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2012