29th Jan 2008, 20:51

I think its kind of stupid that people see a Ford commercial and spew the quote "The best selling truck in America". If you do a little research, you'll find that GM trucks out sell, Fords truck line. The Sierra and Silverado combined out sell the F150 by around 200,000 every year. The Sierra and Silverado are the EXACT same truck just different badging... Ford Sucks... Buy a Chevy.

2nd Feb 2008, 17:12

"Ford Sucks... Buy a Chevy."

I guess you'll be glad if Ford goes out of business. Hope you enjoy arguing with your buddies whether "Daewoo Rules!" or "Hyundai Rocks!" Even if you like Chevy, when you trash Ford you only promote Toyota.

15th Dec 2008, 22:29

I have Ford 2004 F150 FX4 with lift kit. 68.000 miles and drive better better every day... I love this truck.. the best truck ever...

22nd Jul 2009, 16:31

Everybody has their preferences. Everybody is gonna bash the next guy for not liking what he likes. Personally, I'm a Toyota guy myself. Toyota's tend to be of higher quality than Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. But that's not to say they don't pump out a piece of crap every now and again. All car manufacturers do. Some cars are just lemons.

15th Dec 2010, 01:32

I bought a 2004 F150 2WD with the towing package. I now have 66K and the truck has not caused me any mechanical problems.

I have had to replace both the drivers and passengers side front door window regulators. Just driving along, the window drops and disappears.

I have heard about problems changing the spark plugs and may find out what that is all about in 10-15K more miles.

I bought the truck so that I could tow my 18ft fishing boat. Beautiful matchup. You literally forget that you are towing 3000lb because it handles the load so well.

If I needed a new truck tomorrow I would go to the Ford dealership and buy another F150.