19th Jul 2011, 17:18

Great site, great article!

About 15,000 miles ago I bought a 93 F250 with the 7.3 (?) L diesel with auto trans. This is my "new" truck. I am 55 and want to drive this until I'm through. The vehicle had one prior owner who presented me with 16 years of receipts at purchase.

My diesel experience is minimal, but I am good on the theory, and my son graduated from some diesel school in Phoenix. However! This one's got us. The truck has 145K miles on it now. I changed the oil early because it appeared to be overfull. This made no sense to me, so I assumed somehow fuel oil had somehow made it to the pan.

The truck runs good. Recently there was much noise made, and the engine seemed to rev up on it's own. I discovered a glow plug had shorted and fried some wiring. I changed all the glow plugs, 6 of 8 were bad, and repaired the wiring. It fired right up and I breathed a sigh of relief... until I checked the oil. It once again appeared to be overfull. This time I watched as the I drained the pan into a closed container and I saw clear water come out first. At least one quart. Maybe more??? I drained off all the water until oil came out and the stick read full. Good clean oil because I had recently changed it. I ran the truck for five minutes, then checked my oil again. It was all milky. I completely drained the pan and prepared for an oil and filter change. Milky globs came out at the end. I am running antifreeze as a coolant, so that is not the source. Where could this clear water be coming from??

I waited a week, added a new filter, and before I added oil I removed the drain plug to suck out any remaining fluids. Somehow more milky substance was there... about a half a cup, but never the less more. We are stumped. Where could this fluid be originating? The guy I purchased the truck from had told me at purchase he had recently removed a Banks turbo. He claimed the transmission had failed and the transmission shop would not give warranty with turbo installed. Are these water cooled? Is there a water reservoir I am unaware off? HELP!!

13th Oct 2011, 14:38

You might want to read up on the cavitation issues with the 7.3 IDI.

16th Mar 2013, 21:49

Great "grass roots" info... Plan to put 93 IDI in a Mustang (67- 85 body), with A.C., 5 or 6 speed manual, use bio-diesel, to use as daily driver. Live in Az. so may have Shelby in Nevada build it. Have NO plans for a turbo, but if a change of mind occurs, it will definitely be a Banks unit.

31st Jan 2016, 18:47

The gentleman with a 93 F250, did you find out your problem with water continuing to get in your oil. I have the same issues... 94 F250 IDI 7.3L.

My name is Covin... please email me at (covin7883@gmail.com)