13th Mar 2009, 00:15

I was just given a 1985 F-250 6.9 diesel that had set in storage for 14 years, yes 14 years. I put new batteries in it and it fired right up, that's with 14 year old diesel. Unbelievable.

I got it home, drained all the fluids, put in new glow plugs, and I am in love. The truck looks and drives like new.

After 14 years of sitting I'll have to replace a few more things, but before it was stored, it had a new turbo and exhaust, new fuel pump and new tires. Now it's all mine, and I am so happy with my first diesel, and I plan on keeping it a long long time.

13th Apr 2009, 03:43

I owned a 84 6.9 diesel, the truck was abused like crazy, but it still runs good and has lots of power. Those engines don't like to die like the gas ones do; real trucks don't use spark plugs!

6th May 2009, 23:46

I'm looking at a 1985 F250 4x4 for about 2000, it has 120,000 miles on it. I was wondering if there are any certain problems that I should look for when checking out the truck. Any help would be great, thanks.

18th Jul 2009, 04:53

Hello there, I own a Ford pickup F250 1985 diesel.

I bought this car in 2007 from an American dealer who imported the car.

After first some trouble with the sparkplugs it´s now running fine.

The color was red/with, but I now changing it in red/black and it looks great!

By the way, I am a dutchman, living in Holland (Europe), sorry for the writing faults!

I wish all who also ride in an old Ford pickup truck as much driving fun as I have!

Greetings from Holland.

13th Sep 2009, 14:11

Lol, sparkplugs and diesel engine don't go together very well.

7th Oct 2009, 04:44

Yeah man, my 85 6.9 diesel ain't got any spark plugs, but mine don't run either. But what can I say is I got it for free. All it needs is 2 batteries, glow plugs, and to change the fluids. Other than that, she should run.


12th Oct 2009, 16:44

All the guys asking for drawbacks on the 6.9/7.3 Litre diesels.

I've had 2 of these trucks, and family members have had another 5 or 6. With relentless routine maintenance you can easily expect 500,000 miles out of the engine (3000 miles changing oil, filter and air filter). Fuel filter twice a year. You can get an adaptor kit to use the standard John Deere fuel filter on the filter riser on the engine. I would highly recommend this as the John Deere filter is transparent and cheaper, while actually doing a better job filtering than a typical Fram. NOW, the problem is, when they're dead, they're dead. The engine block is what is termed nodular cast iron. In other words, they're porous. If you try to bore the engine .060 over, you'll find the compression will go all wacky and you'll have to sleeve several if not all the cylinders to get it to run right.

Other than that, the engine will outlast the starter, starter ring gear, water pump, transmission, rear end, probably the body, the brakes and in my case, the seat. I sold my last one 6 years ago because the seat was so mashed down I couldn't walk at the end of a long road trip. That was at 475,000. I sold it for $2000 and got word the other day it's still running strong.

One more word of advice. If the truck you're looking at has 16.5 tires, get rid of 'em. The tread will peal off of 'em and wreck your fenders. Used wheels and new tires will be cheaper than buying the new 16.5's anyway. COOP Dominator tires are absolutely the best tire for the money for these old trucks, and your two wheel drive will climb like a 4X4 with 'em.

18th Nov 2009, 23:01

Hi, I purchased my first diesel and am absolutely in love with it, but I'm having some problems. It is a 1985 XLT with a 6.9 and a banks turbo. I feel like I should be getting more power, and it blows white smoke after running very long. I want it blowing a lot of thick black smoke. How do I get it to?

And it's not been starting right up like it did at first. It's been taking longer and longer. And now won't start at all, it just cranks and cranks and cranks.

And my glow plug light doesn't even come on anymore. I think my glow plugs might be bad. I don't have any money, I live pay check to pay check. So if you have any advice, please email me at ethandhood@hotmail.com.

13th Jan 2010, 16:30

TO: 18 Nov/09 comment. I believe you have a water jacket leaking into the combustion chamber. Blown gasket or ---. When anti-freeze gets hot it will LEAVE A WHITE CLOUD OUT OF THE EXHAUST. LOYD.

2nd Feb 2010, 22:53

Hi, I'm an 18 year old kid. I was wondering how much power the 6.9 runs? I have had a Ranger for a year, and blew up the motor and tranny. Looking for a diesel, my dad has a GM 6.5 and that has lots of power, had no major problems. I was looking at a 1984 F250 on 35s with a 6.9 for 3500. Would it be a good buy?

17th Feb 2010, 05:37

I have a 1985 F250 6.9 4-speed manual 4X2 with 140,000 miles on it, I am the original owner. It's been a great truck, I only replaced the glow plugs and controller once, and had the injector pump re-done at 86,000 miles, old style flex ring going bad, and replaced the water pump. Just routine maintenance, and she's been a really good truck.

14th Mar 2010, 00:43

I have a 1984 Ford 6.9 diesel and an 04 Dodge Cummins. The Ford is a good strong reliable truck, but is nothing compared to the Dodge in power. The dodge was a little pricey, but my dad has a Cummins and my stepdad has a Duramax. Dodge front ends and 5 speeds are junk, but I'd hook the Cummins up to the Ford or the Duramax any day. Just my opinion; all trucks have their good and bad points, but it's BS all the downing on Dodge trucks.

5th Apr 2010, 20:46

I've always had Fords, and rarely if ever had serious problems. Bought my first Dodge because my brother said he liked them. Piece of xoxoxo... getting ready to put the second tranny in in 9 months, and just put upper & lowers on it, which by the way, whoever decided to rivet them in is an idiot!!!

23rd Apr 2010, 22:16

I have a 1985 Ford F250 with the 6.9 diesel... I have had it for 2 years and it has never let me down... this is a great truck... it is the extended cab...

27th Apr 2010, 18:40

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I love my Fords. I'd rather own a 79 or earlier with a diesel. IMO the 7.3 powerstroke is great! My friend pulled a 27ft camper trailer loaded and got 15mpg at 75mph. It was a nice '99 F350. My old man has '99 Dodge 2500 24v. Besides the trans and fuel transfer pump, it's been pretty good.

The body tho.. well different story. I myself, was looking for a 6.9l because the 7.3 idis have cavitation problems. And when I was hunting for a 6.9l or 7.3PS, they (6.9ls) were beat up or not running. The PS were either high priced or needed lots of work due to abuse. So I researched the Cummins. And I bought a '98 2500 12v 5spd 4x4. I looked all over for standard diesel, and Cummins put the bigger 215hp fuel pump in as standard, so I wanted one. I paid $4500 it. Needed brakes, rotors, calipers, hub bearings, u-joints, belt, oil change. The previous owner said he hadn't done anything to it for 2 years. Well it went from 294074 to now 305050 miles. And I get 20mpg in town. I love the Cummins. I love Ford. I am now currently looking for a 6.9l or 4bt for my 79 FORD BRONCO!

Everyone is right. W/O Cummins Dodge wouldn't be around. I always toss the idea around of putting my Cummins setup in my dads '78 F250 4x4 with dually kit or a 6.9l, but the 6.9l needs to be a 85-87!

BUT all new diesels suck, and if you're gonna buy one, you might as well by an old one. Cos you're gonna pay 50k or put that much or less into an older one. And older ones A: Look better B: Perform better C: Made in America.