8th Oct 2010, 14:08

I own a 1985 F250 6.9 liter... Got it for $1000, had 72,000 original miles... I bought four new tires.. changed the water pump, oil and fuel filter... seems to run good and starts great after being plugged in all night.

How would I go about changing the transmission fluid in this truck? Also does anyone know anything about Lucas additives for oil, fuel and transmission?

13th Oct 2010, 23:46

Hey all... or whomever is left on this thread, I have an opportunity to get an 85 F250 Lariat XLT 4X4 diesel with 49,000 miles on it... ya ya, it sounds too good to be true, but the owner has had it parked for much of its life in his yard with a camper on top. Only used for camping and short trips around town (he lives in BFE, and the local grocer is a mini-mart). He has 2 other trucks and just doesn't need the 3rd. What should I look for or listen for while inspecting? The body is very nice with few blemishes except maybe a bit of sun bleach, interior is pristine. Only drawback seems to be the 16.5 rims and sun-rot (though still drivable) tires. Any advice?




1st Dec 2010, 16:54

I am 17, and I own a 1985 6.9L. Bought it for 500. All it needed was to have the injection pump and 2 new batteries; now it runs great.

The body is in bad shape, but that's because the previous owner let it sit outside for years.

Future plans are to get a turbo, straight pipe it, and give a good paint job.

Best investment I ever made.

11th Feb 2011, 10:12

I have a 1985 F-250 4x4 6.9L diesel with 69,105 original miles on it. I got it from my grandpa when I turned 16, and it had 42,325 miles on it. I love the truck, it has never failed to get the job done.

1st Mar 2011, 12:59

Looking at purchasing a 1985 F250 6.9L with 55K.

Are there any issues or concerns if a Banks turbo kit were installed? The truck does not have the turbo installed, but would come with the kit to install later. Would I be better off to leave the truck stock or should I install the turbo?

First Time Diesel Owner.

19th Jun 2011, 13:26

The 7.3 liter and 6.9 liter are the exact same engine. The 7.3 liter is just bored. It will bolt up!

19th Sep 2011, 12:12

Ford stopped using IH engines in 1994. They make their own now. Even though it's an inferior copy.

12th Oct 2011, 19:32

Hi there, I just bought a 1985 F-250 diesel 4x2, and will pick it up tomorrow. I am going to do the greasecar upgrade and would like any pointers you may have, especially on using the spare fuel tank for the veggie fuel. These are really IDI engines? I think the one I have only has 88,000 miles!!

19th Nov 2011, 12:59

I bought my 85 F250 diesel for 850. The only thing I had to do is buy batteries and weld the radiator; it had a hole, but runs like crazy, but I do need to change the glow plug. I love it, won't sell for anything, and I'm going to give to my son when he is 16.

29th Jan 2012, 00:49

I don't know why everyone says they would rather own an International over Cummins, or Cummins over International. Y'all do know that the man that created the first International is also the inventor of the Cummins engine, right???

International and Cummins both are great motors. The only motors out there that belong to the actual car companies are the Chevy 5.7, 6.2, 6.5...

I don't know about Duramax. I haven't heard a lot about them. But these days that can mean a good thing.. LOL...

11th Feb 2012, 14:16

If you want parts for your Ford truck, check out Dennis Carpenter on Google.

15th Feb 2012, 19:11

My 86 F250 diesel 6.9 4x4 sat 4 years. Dropped in two batteries, fuel and oil filter, and it too fired right up... Needs brake work, but runs just fine. Change your filters; the spider won't fail you.

30th Jun 2012, 11:49

LMC TRUCK has some great stuff. Order a free catalog.

1st Feb 2014, 04:34

Bought 2 1990 7.3 diesels in 1998. One was a F350 crew cab 4x4 with 120k, and the other was a F250 4x4 ex cab with 104k. Both were well used and came from the North Slope in Alaska. My partner and I ran them for another 250k and I sold the ex cab in 2005, and the other in 2013 to my nephew. He has put another 150k on each for an average of 500k. They both still run great today. All we did was regular maintenance, steering box on each, a couple of trannys each (automatics), and a couple sets of glow plugs each. We all live in rugged mountain country in WA, and are contractors, so the trucks worked each day. I bought an 06 Duramax, drove it for 5 years, just sold it, and am looking for a 90's diesel Ford again.

31st Jan 2015, 11:03

I am struggling with an idea? I found a 1985 F250 6.9 diesel 2 wheel drive with 66,738 actual miles on it. No rust anywhere. New injectors, new clutch, glow plug, fresh oil change etc. 3500.00 firm, is it worth that much?

1st Apr 2015, 23:11

Go for it if the price is right. I mean it's got no mileage.

1st Apr 2015, 23:12

Probably is worth about that. 3k is good.

20th Jul 2015, 04:45

I've had two Mercedes WVO cars and I just bought a 1985 Ford F250 non turbo diesel. I want to convert one of its two tanks to be used for WVO. I want a heated tank as I live in Minneapolis. Can you tell me about the system you have in your Ford for WVO? Thanks.

9th Feb 2016, 00:58

I drive an 86 6.9L with a Banks turbo. I build diesel engines and have had every make and model, and yet stick with my 6.9L; it's built up (head studs, heads, pistons, crank, cam, injection pump), and at 153k miles I drive the crap out of it. Not one problem. All upgrades due to wanting more from ole Betsie.

But in all seriousness, a N/A 6.9 is gutless; good around town, cheap to own, but no comparison with the 12v Cummins; Chevy isn't even in the running between IH Fords or any Cummins.

20th Feb 2017, 02:15

I've just purchased a 1983 F250 6.9 diesel.

It has new IP valve cover gaskets and lines, new brakes, new water pump, thermostat, new radiator. Four 17" rims and tires. 4 speed manual, not much to look at, clean inside, new spray-on bed liner. New A/C compressor.

Pick it up in a couple of weeks.