2002 Ford F350 Lariat 7.3L Powerstroke diesel from North America


Crappy trailer hauler


Well at first it started to become sluggish when pulling a trailer. And with only one horse in the trailer, the performance was cut nearly in half. When not pulling a trailer, the gas mileage was about the same. There was no city or hwy. difference. It got roughly 15.6 mpg. The heated seats would not turn on. The brakes, transmission, front end, rear axle seals, and the front seats had to be replaced at 28000 miles. Also, the computer would not reset and wouldn't ever "activate" the self-leveling suspension.

General Comments:

Good truck for just driving. Crappy fuel mileage, Nice Looks, but yet loud. Good, and comfortable truck. Mechanics Dream.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2003

2002 Ford F350 Laritat 7.3L Powerstroke turbo diesel from North America


Good truck, if you want to spend a lot of money


Around 20,000 miles; everything went wrong. First, the power seats started to act sluggish when moving. The in-dash 6 disc CD player would "eat" and scratch your discs.

At 28,000 miles the whole engine needed to be replaced. It needed a new brake system, a new transmission, and a new engine. The brakes were not adequite for the large size of the crew cab (4 door) long bed. Espeially when pulling a horse trailer.

General Comments:

It was a comfortable riding truck, but very loud and noisy.

It took forever to heat up so that the heater would be nice and warm.

The heated seats got really hot and sometimes wouldn't turn off.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2002

10th Oct 2007, 04:51

I cannot believe your posting! I have never heard of a truck having all the problems you are mentioning so early in its life. I have had 2 ford diesel trucks with well over 180,000 miles and none of those problems occur. I had to change the brakes about every 50,000 miles, but when you consider I was towing a boat that is not bad. my original axle seal was changed for the 1st time at 180,000 on one axle. did somebody pay you to post that??? the 7.3l ford diesel engine is the best. I wish ford would bring it back. it's true that the 6.0l from 2003-04 had problems, but the new 6.4l is a lot better. let's see what comes of it in a few years.

14th Sep 2012, 06:53

I'm sure no one "paid them to post that".

I had a 7.3 Powerstroke once upon a time, and did not dare keep it beyond the warranty period. It wasn't just the engine, the whole truck was a POS. Constantly in the dealership for warranty issues, and I didn't want to foot the bill when the warranty was up. Power? Yes, in spades. Wow. That doesn't do me much good when it's in the garage, though. I hear stories from truck owners claiming "Never had a problem with mine", but I've yet to experience good ownership with ANY Ford truck I ever had: three F250s (currently have an old '96 for firewood hauling, it was initially affordable, but it's a money pit to keep it operational) and two F150s (both were poor by anyone's standards). It baffles me how they can't seem to make a vehicle that meets my expectations after how many years of building them? Ford lovers, don't be mad. These are my real life experiences.

Toyota, PLEASE make an HD model as reliable as your small trucks.