1st Jun 2018, 02:31

After reading the posted review several times, I'm having a hard time understanding where 19:39 is coming from.

I can't seem to find anything that the author mentions about texting & driving. In fact I can't seem to find anything mentioned about a cellular telephone at all.

1st Jun 2018, 14:23

I didn’t write it, but plain as day to me. Using the rope with a wiper is very dangerous due to reduced visibility and could cause a crash. Texting while driving is also dangerous as it can cause a crash. In addition there isn’t any visibility at all while you are looking at a cell phone texting. Both are very dangerous with reduced to absolute zero visibility on the road. Great analogy!

8th Jun 2018, 02:39

That's great, but still doesn't answer the whole cellular phone ordeal when it's nowhere mentioned in the original author written review.

8th Jun 2018, 13:16

It was an analogy. Look up the word if it’s new to you if you like or don’t. It's up to you.

In a nutshell here is the answer. If you cannot see the road, a comparison. You can’t devote your time to seeing the road when you are phoning or texting. Likewise... If you are barely moving wipers with a rope vs a wiper motor you are not seeing the road much either. Analogy. It’s not about cell phones it’s a comparison on a driver not seeing properly or safely. Plus both are illegal. If you don’t get it, you’ll get over it guaranteed.

8th Jun 2018, 13:28

1. Texting while driving is dangerous because it distracts you from the task of operating a vehicle.

2. Using a rope to operate your windshield wipers while driving is even MORE dangerous because you are not only distracted, but also have impaired vision and likely wet roads to contend with.

Why you keep bringing up the lack of reference to cell phone use in the review is puzzling. The reviewer owned the car in 1980-81, when cell phones were practically non-existent, and texting was still many years away. Nowhere does it state the reviewer was texting; it was an analogy as 14:23 has already pointed out to you.

Unless you are indeed a troll, this should end it.

8th Jun 2018, 19:30

The last two comments appear to be written by the same individual. Probably the same individual who wrote the first comment & started the whole texting while driving warfare. Unfortunately it happens from time to time on here.

8th Jun 2018, 21:50

"Texting while driving is dangerous"

Yeah, now try telling that to the millions of drivers who don't give a damn, and do it every day.

After that, go back and view comment 19:39 (the one that started this whole thing on a review written 8 years ago). If you want to talk about "trolling", you can read between the lines if you have been viewing this site long enough, you would see that they are more than likely trying to reignite the "texting while driving" gig from another thread that was disabled some time ago. Looks to me like they succeeded seeing how y'all are arguing in circles... Keep up the good work!

9th Jun 2018, 03:27

Here’s yet two other phone options. Maybe he could have simply pulled over and used a nearby coin operated pay phone, to call and then tow his car with the rope he already had behind a buddy's car, to a place that could replace the defective wiper motor in the 80s. Or use the closest coin pay phone to see when the weather would clear to drive his defective 80s vehicle home with totally clear skies and optimum weather. It’s nice having a phone to use.

9th Jun 2018, 18:36

It’s a real shame about texting and driving. I recently sold my Harley Davidson Night Train and Heritage Classic over this very issue. By far my favorite ever to drive and experience. Above any car ever. I had some real close calls, mainly from behind. At traffic lights watching mirrors very closely to see if they will stop. You guys can go on and on nitpick and critique the most minor of things on here. What satisfaction that brings you makes one wonder. Do everyone a favor; do all your texting, working, taking notes etc while driving and please cease doing so. If your wipers are shot don’t do ill advised improvisation with a rope. Even with Rain X etc it’s not worth someone’s life. Who made a comment or when is not making us all safe. I sold my 2 favorite mode of transportation ever over thoughtless reckless decisions. Text at home or when you get there.

11th Jun 2018, 03:32

That is a sad story that you had to sell your motorcycles due to careless drivers. Give it time and you'll get over it guaranteed.

11th Jun 2018, 10:05

Thanks for the nice words. Fortunately cars do offer some degree of safety, but this is a pretty serious situation today. A really big part of me was lost when I sold those bikes. I had a car once run a stop sign and barely got through. And people running up hard on stop lights. You stay back, and watch your mirrors to power out from the side. But you know when it’s time. I mostly rode on nice days with a small group of close friends. I also have a family and employees that rely on me. Thankful for the experience and never being hurt. You have a heightened awareness from riding bikes. In my opinion it makes a better driver when switching to cars. Have a good day.

11th Jun 2018, 12:37

"started the whole texting while driving warfare"?

Uh, OK... so if it's "warfare" that means there must be some pro texting while driving people out there, like you perhaps. Otherwise, who would there be "warfare" with, as you put it?

11th Jun 2018, 19:41

Does anyone get 19:30? What started out as a simple comparison of reduced driving visibility; sure there’s other examples. Like these observations in start and go traffic on the blue route near Philadelphia... I saw a guy reading a newspaper draped entirely over a steering wheel during rush hour traffic. Driving and reading. Couldn't even see the steering wheel. A gal applying eye liner or something equivalent with her eyes focused on the inside rear view mirror. People running school bus flashing light because they were not watching the road as they should. Is that warfare too? The easiest way to spot texting is seeing the light change to green and they are still sitting there. If I owned the classic car in this review, it would really be wonderful to live a long time to enjoy it. Sorry 19:30 it’s not worthy of your concern.

11th Jun 2018, 22:38

You uh, evidently misread the comment. Talking about a warfare of COMMENTS, arguing back and forth, and not the actual careless texting drivers. Oh - and don't assume that I'm one of them. Those folks get middle finger sign language from me every time I pass one that is doing two miles an hour because they are playing with their phone.

12th Jun 2018, 11:43

I don’t think there is any argument. Everyone knows it’s wrong and illegal to do so. Also, is it wise to give the finger and risk the possibly of road rage? Let the police attend to it. You open up a new set of dangers doing an action like that.

Here’s my thoughts also as a classic car owner. It was a considerable investment and it has my undivided attention when behind the wheel. I have a 4 speed, and playing with my phone is not happening. No phone call or text is worth wrecking a frame off restoration. But beyond that I would be devastated hitting a child OR anyone over social media.