12th Jun 2018, 12:35

No, it's not a comparison. 19:39 started this by posting the first comment on an 8 year old review by saying "and you (YOU MEANING THE AUTHOR) thought that texting and driving was dangerous". The author is accused of making such a statement when again it's nowhere mentioned in the review.

12th Jun 2018, 13:59

Making all of your "observations" is dangerous too. Pay attention to your own driving instead of others. In the end you could be the one causing the next accident.

12th Jun 2018, 17:35

That is exactly what started this. To me it looks like some of these past commenters didn't read the original review. Comment 19:39 could have simply said "yeah, using a rope to operate your wipers is as about as dangerous as texting and driving".

If they were trying to make an "analogy" type of comment, it was worded wrong.

12th Jun 2018, 17:52

The observations were a result of looking out, not staring at a cell phone with my head down or looking and pulling at a rope with 1 hand left to steer, use signals etc. Why not simply agree that these actions are obviously unsafe. That’s called deflection when you realize all this but won’t agree. Getting a ticket in time may make this clearer than seeing it emphasized here. Best of luck!

12th Jun 2018, 21:26

12:35. I put it to you? Is it safe using wipers with a rope? Is it safe to drive a motor vehicle and text? Yes or no? Lastly, with both questions in mind, does it matter who said either? If presented to an individual or a group, what would the typical response be? Why not use 2 cell phones and text and answer calls in case someone is trying to get through. I just hope I am not anywhere near you when doing so.

12th Jun 2018, 22:14

So you're the calm type, never once had the urge to use a finger gesture?

If that's the case I would suggest that you steer clear of the south FL. area.

Thousands upon thousands of drivers who don't have a clue. Road rage is almost a common practice. And when you look at the licence plate of an idiotic driver, they are usually from the Northeast, imagine that.

Let the police handle it? Are you kidding me? I could be at a red lighted intersection with a cop car in the middle of 8 other vehicles surrounding them, 7 out of those 8 could be texting, and guess what? They don't do a thing about it. Good luck with that.

13th Jun 2018, 12:42

I do have a winter place in Naples. Sure there are thoughtless drivers everywhere. So it’s smart to pay attention vs text. I do not understand why people get overly worked up with people they do not know. You will never see them again, so let them go on. Also on here even. We do not know one another, so why let people bother you? If it’s something helpful, that’s cool.

My friend drove a 1965 Blue Fairlane in high school. Only a 6 cylinder with 2 doors. His mom's car that he often drove to school. It did not hold a great appeal to me at the time. But now I appreciate its size and clean body lines. It could be open to becoming a nice street car with a more potent drivetrain today. The Comet is another nice looking car.

Back then we had no need for cell phones. Most of us lived near the schools we attended before inner city busing into the suburban schools. Many of the moms did not work and we would go to each other’s homes. Had at least one parent around to keep an eye on us. We upgraded our cars and helped each other. We didn’t drive cars with non working wipers - we would fix it. Or worked after school. I don’t remember spending lots of time on a phone. We picked up our girlfriends with a brief call at best. We knew when to meet or catch up afterwards as we saw each other in school. Texting is pretty poor. Catch up with your friends in person. Our cars for the most part were 5 years old and very cool even then. They didn’t cost a fortune, and many of our parents put us on their insurance policies. There were amazing cars under 2 grand at our school. Now some of the best classic models. So if you are into texting, it’s kind of boring really if you look at it. We were free of its over dependence.

13th Jun 2018, 12:56

Who are you replying to? 12:35 or 13:59?

Now you are just twisting this whole thing around. Nobody is for the texting driver & using rope assisted wipers, nor did anybody say it was safe. You are making this whole thing worse. Think it's time you wrap it up.

13th Jun 2018, 15:35

Uh, yeah, I do realize that is unsafe. As a matter of fact, nobody here is declaring that is safe. It was just a question of why the very first sarcastic comment accused the original reviewer of making a statement that was never mentioned. If you could realize that, maybe you will finally move on.

13th Jun 2018, 16:56

I think it would be wise if everyone took the opportunity to move on. The discussion has become about who said what and why, and once that happens, it rarely goes anywhere useful.

Steven Jackson (site moderator), steven@carsurvey.org