1985 Ford Falcon XF S-pac 4.1 EFI crossflow 250 from Australia and New Zealand


Best budget classic last X Series sedans


She was over 30 years old when I got her. She looked new. But faults made me sell her (no money, no honey).


All cooling hoses.

XF door handles (like all 1980s Aussie Fords).

Diff oil.


Oil leak from rocker cover.

2 dash cracks.

But worst of all, massive rust in boot sills (ouch).

General Comments:

Wish I did not sell her. Am 21, but I love the XF Falcons. She was fun to drive and was a nice survivor. No rust (apart from boot sills). She had a broken cassette so I got a new (used cassette) player. NOT a single mod was on my XF.

Sadly I had to sell her; the new owner (who I know) is adding a 351 in her (happy and sad at the same time about that).

She was an awesome car.

Miss this XF lots, but I have the Ford Fairmont BA Ghia.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2018

1985 Ford Falcon XF 4.1 Leaded from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent, reliable car


Ignition coil failed.

Fuel pump needed replacing.

Starter motor needed replacing.

Door handles need replacing often.

Suspension was lowered when purchased making the ride hard - had it raised back to normal.

Rust in various panels.

General Comments:

Good, reliable vehicle that just keeps on going. Can handle an enormous amount of cargo (this is the wagon, not sedan)

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2007

1985 Ford Falcon S-Pack 4.1L 250 from Australia and New Zealand


Wouldn't have anything else!


Starter motor failed, got it reconditioned and now works like new.

Brakes are currently squeeling. Need to get new brake pads or might even need to machine the disks.

Annoying rattle in the driver's door, but realised it had something to do with the window winder so, when I tighten it, it seems to stop.

Seals around doors coming off, but easily fixed with some liquid nails.

Heater was not working properly. Got a new thermostat.

Air-conditioning is no longer cold. Needs re-gassing.

Passenger side's S-Pack sticker has patches missing off it. I'm planning to get that repaired from by a sign writer if possible in the near future.

Headlights fog up when washed. Need new ones or seals repaired.

General Comments:

Excellent condition for it's age.

Gets around 650kms per 80 litre tank (at a rough guess) but still very expensive to fill up.

Have lowered by around 2-3 inches and had a Lukey exhaust system put on, but now wished I had kept it standard. One day I am planning to get the original sized springs put back on and a standard exhaust.

Have 20 spoke-alloys. Would love to put the 20 slot wheels that also came standard with the S-Pack. I think they would look more 'meaty'.

Inside is spacious and roomy.

Power under bonnet is amazing for it's age. Still takes off with a bang.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2006

1985 Ford Falcon XF 4.1L Alloy head 6 cylinder Crossflow from Australia and New Zealand


With some modifications can be quite a luxurious and quick car


Water pump was worn.


Lifters are stuffed and tick due to not keeping the motor topped up with oil.

Numerous oil leaks through the motor and gearbox.

Drivers seat material wore through.

Blew the mufflers due to backfiring.

Numerous door handles of course due to ruff handeling.

Rust above drivers side rear wheel.

Broken taillights.

Rear window demister doesn't work, no idea why.

Diffs becoming clunky.

Uni's are worn and clunky.

Auto Trans in worn.

Motor is extreamely worn due to heavy use.

General Comments:

For a car that I got given is saved me when the telstar hit a roo and was too dangerous to drive.

I've added extractors, and removed the rear muffler (when it blew out just after I got the car) made the car quite loud.

I've added a lot of fairlane parts for comfort, full interior (a lot better than standard seats) power windows are still in the process of changing over

Fairlane mags, electric boot opener.

If I get serious I'll put the Fairlane disc braked LSD diff in.

And the Fairlane EFI 6 is the next thing to change on the list and maybe the power steering, my XF is a 85, didn't come standard.

I added S Pack fog lights and loom which make a big difference.

I modified the door handle mechanism when the broke and now the handles don't have to be pulled up as far and are stronger.

Installed a CD player and 4 speaker surround.

The car handles quite well on the wider wheels and still has quite a bit of power, a 5 speed would make a big difference though.

I still want to do a lot of things to it, but it needs a roadworthy in the next month so depending on how much they pick on it it may come off the road.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2005