1985 Ford Falcon XF 4.1 leaded petrol carby 6 from Australia and New Zealand


A cheap, simple and performing first car


Two rust patches in the body needed to be repaired.

Steering/suspension needed replacing when bought to pass rego.

Every month on average something small will break that will need fixing (e.g. door handles). They are usually very cheap and easy to fix.

General Comments:

The engine goes well for its age and will beat any Commodore up to a manual VL, which I can keep with.

The car is lowered with Lovell springs and has wider 12-slotters that give it good handling, though it's still easy to get the back end to fishy down the road :)

The other day I made it do about 60 km/h in first gear, and the engine sounded like it was going to blow up, but it did it and kept going.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2001

11th Jun 2002, 09:48

Heh, my XF gets up to 80 no probs, running about 4k rpm, but then again, it's a 4 speed.

1985 Ford Falcon XF S pac 4.1 liter fuel injected six from Australia and New Zealand


Vaults regulator broken.

Clutch plate broken.

General Comments:

Very quick car, gives the VL and VN Commodores a whoopin.

Had the air box taken out and a ram pod put in, extractors and a 2 1/2 inch exhaust. Have a large Hornet scoop on bonnet to keep the motor cool (works wonders) and a spoiler on back.

Awesome sound system mainly made up of alpine gear inc 2 12" subs, 2 6 by nines and a pair of 6"in front powered by 600 and 800 watt amps.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2001

1985 Ford Falcon XF 3.2 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Comfortable, spacious, money eater


EVERYTHING, I have had the car for a little over a year and so far I have had to have:

All the brakes replaced 3 times.

The transmission replaced.

The starter motor replaced.

The alternator replaced.

My speedomoter and other various instruments replaced & the list goes on.

General Comments:

Very comfortable.

Very spacious.

Very costly and unefficient.

The wheel alignment drops out suddenly and needs to be replaced... ALL THE TIME.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2001

28th Mar 2001, 15:05

(I am the person who put this review in) I forgot to mention that I have also had to have my exhaust manifold replaced and the whole thing is riddled with rust.

30th Apr 2001, 01:05

I bought an earlier model 1981 XD Falcon, 4.1 auto at auction for $NZ500. best car I ever got (and I've had a few). It had mags, spoilers etc so looked a bit of a boy racer car, but in two years I have only had to get one brake line replaced, and I have never had it serviced. Intended to run it into the ground but it won't die! Door handles have been the only other niggle, every one has gone on me, but at 273,000km I hate to think how many times they have been used! Very heavy on gas though.