1986 Ford Falcon XF 4.1 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Great value, and a treat to drive


It was a choice between spending $185 to re-register my Valiant, or buying another car, as a daily driver, so I bought a really good 1986 XF Falcon GL sedan, for $200, with 2 months rego'on it! It has air & steer too!

I had another XF 5 years ago, these cars are so underrated, & are real bargain buys, people are practically giving them away these days.

Okay the door handles breaking is a nasty little habit, but over looking that, parts are cheap & plentiful.

A great car; far better than the EA that replaced it.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, with reasonable fuel economy.

Make sure you get one with power steering though!

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Review Date: 21st March, 2008

1986 Ford Falcon XF GL Series 2 3.3 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


One of Ford Australia's best vehicles ever built


Nothing at all in the time we had it.

General Comments:

A fine motor vehicle that gave us approximately 1 and a half years of extremely reliable motoring. Fuel efficiency was excellent for a 6 cylinder vehicle. This was due to the fact that a 5 speed gearbox was fitted. The only reason this vehicle was traded was because of the high amount of Kilometres on the clock, due to it being used as a company vehicle. there was also a surprising amount of power from the 3.3 motor, which made it useful for towing.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2007

1986 Ford Falcon GL 3.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Gotta love Fords mate


Since I've owned it, the only thing that has gone seriously wrong is the timing, wheel balancing, and a hole in radiator (which was easily fixed for 10 dollars with this liquid thing at the gas station).

Beyond that, she's been good since I bought her from this old guy in Hastings...

General Comments:

The car has done good for me in the terms of doing a cheap project car. Since bought I've turned her into a boy racing car with 345 12 slot chrome super kings all round, and 3.5 inch n1 performance muffler.

It was brought as a 3 stage auto, now is a 4 speed manual. 35+ tints all round.

But besides all that, the car is awesome. It loves the road.

The gas price isn't on Ford's side, but when on that open road, she's good on gas, but around town she's a bit expensive.

I love her, she's one of the best cars to own and do a bit of DO IT YOUR SELF on your OWN, not so much of a pocket digger.

Gotta love the Fords, aye.. thanks.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2006

1986 Ford Falcon XF GL sedan 3.3 from Australia and New Zealand


It is a great, cheap and simple enough car which soars like a true Falcon


The odometer was broken. No need of fixing that.

I had to exchange the belt because it looked awfully. Price $16.

The oil started leaking after switching from the 20W50 mud that was there in time of purchase to 15W40. Nevertheless it resulted in smoother engine run and better water-temperature profile while driving around the town.

The radiator developed a leak because of rust and overheating in short time after purchase (I guess it was just temporarily fixed before). I had to exchange it. It cost me $120 and took me 2 hours.

The exhaust pipe broke out of the catalytic converter while going on an unsealed road. The welding cost $20.

I needed to exchange the brake-pads. That cost $25 and took me 1,5 hours.

The tyres were worn really badly and the front wheels needed alignment. That was the most expensive thing it cost $300 alltogether.

The doorlocks needed oiling time to time othervise the door-handles started cracking a bit while opening the door.

General Comments:

I bought it for $950, put $450 in it, used it 7 months (more than 17000 kilometers) and sold it for $850. It was the best deal I could get.

It is very reliable car. It takes you anywhere you want as long as you take care of it a little at least.

It is powerful enough and in combination with three speed automatic comfortable as well.

Because of being a six-seater it has plenty of room and you can sleep easily inside.

There is no need of power-steering for this baby, the wheel alignment is much more important (not mentioning the advantage of that it cannot break if not fitted).

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2005