1986 Ford Falcon XF S-Pack 4.1L Unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


An amazing machine that combines comfort with extreme power!


So far the only thing that has gone wrong with this car is the door handles. I have broken 2 but, these are cheap and easy to fix.

General Comments:

This car has the power to go anywhere on the road and sometimes off road too.

However, I find that for a first car, it drinks the fuel like a Camel.

But this is nothing considering the amounts of torque the 4.1L engine packs.

The car is pretty much standard and is the s-pack model, I just haven't got the money at the moment to do anything to it, just the small cosmetic things like seat cover and chrome floor mats. It is looking pretty sweet inside now though.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2004

17th Feb 2005, 20:10

Hay buddy, I got the same model and it seams to lack a little, what are you going to do to your car when you get the doe??? I could really use a tip, the only thing I can think of getting is extractors, port and polish, can you help, all I read about these days is rice mobiles and I don't know what to do besides superchargers (which there is absolutely no way I can afford)

19th Jan 2006, 02:56

Mate, if you want to know what to do with your Ford, go on fordforums.com.au. It's got all the info you need on pretty much any Ford, and you can ask real enthusiasts your questions. And not trying to offend; sure, the XF is a great car, but I wouldn't call it "extreme power!".

1986 Ford Falcon XF 4.1 Carburettor Unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


More Torque Less Walk


Old starter motor died within 5,000 k's.

Needed new Idler arm, tie rods at about 8,000 k's.

Rebuilt alternator with new fan belt, 18,000 k's.

Power steering reservoir leaked too about the same time.

General Comments:

These cars are great! it's a cross between a luxury cruising car and rough runabout for fun.

The car is cheap when it comes to parts too!

The financial problem can be fuel, but LPG will solve that!!

Plenty of interior room, plus a few non-factory upgrades such as fog lamps, Cruise control, spoiler and Digital instrument cluster make this one cool car.

Its still quick off the mark and the engine never goes over 3,000 rev's (speed limits of course).

Loves a country trip and is rugged enough for any dirt road. Took it to Sydney and back without a hitch.

The common problems with the falcons are Oil leaks and door handles. I have no Oil leaks which is quite lucky!

My last car was still running with a blown head gasket!!! the old falcon XE still runs (now its unregistered though)

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Review Date: 18th May, 2004

1986 Ford Falcon GL Sedan 4.1 Carb from Australia and New Zealand


A tough, reliable, go-anywhere, cheap car


Heater tap rusted out.

Major rust spots everywhere.

Had to replace the idler arm.

Door handles still not fixed.

Mysterious coolant leak.

General Comments:

For $1000 it's an awesome car I reckon because you just can't get a better all-round car than an XF.

Being a 6 seater and having a bench seat up front makes for an interesting combination, but the lack of power steering makes it hard to park.

As with most of my automatic cars, I manually down-shift and up-shift and I believe that this has a few definite advantages. You can control at what speed the transmission will shift and also helps when braking and slowing down. My car has never had transmission problems and I genuinely think that some cars - in particular my old XF - need to be thrashed in order for them to keep going strong! I absolutely cane the car and it keeps coming back for more! You couldn't ask for more, could you?

Performance? Hell yeah! It's only a carb model, but I run it on premium or even 98 octane unleaded and man, does she boogie! In gear response is awesome, but only from about 20 km/h as the diff ratio is horrible for quick take-offs. My car revs cleanly and you can really feel the power band between 3000-4000. Oh, and did I mention she rides unbelievably smoothly on the highway? 100-140 is THE cruising speed!

The car squeaks 100 times worse than an old rusty-hinged gate, but I reckon it adds character and everyone can hear me when I pull up! This is something that most old Falcons have to deal with.

Fuel economy? Amazing fuel economy when you leave it parked in your driveway - but then again, you have to pay for the privilege.

Yucky interior, until I added a shift-light tacho; seats are gross - a pillow under the seat-cover fixes that a bit.

If you want a tough, roomy, cheap, and powerful ride for $1000, you can't go past an XF! They are better and cheaper than EA Falcons and despite a few hiccups, they just keep going and going and going...

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Review Date: 30th January, 2004