1987 Ford Falcon XF Wagon 4.1 carby from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable car that is ideal for a first car


Nothing major. Transmission mount and a new windscreen.

The dash digital instruments play up sometimes.. but settle down after a while.

Minor rust in door pillars. Has original factory paint but is faded.

Carby became very thirsty.. needed a clean and a kit.

General Comments:

Very reliable and easy to repair and work on.

Roomy and spacious interior.

Parts are easy and cheap.

Loads of them around for spares.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2009

1987 Ford Falcon xf GL 3.5 CPI from Australia and New Zealand


My Ford kicks ass


Left door handle broke.

Starter motor is burnt out (fixed).

Paint needs a little work.

General Comments:

This car has a lot of power. It's light on fuel, is powered by 3 speed auto, and the 3.5L engine has enough to overpower a Commodore.

My last car was a Commodore SLE Wagon, and it had a 4 speed manual. It smoked me off the start, but I caught him in the end.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2007

1987 Ford Falcon xf GL 4.1 from Australia and New Zealand


This ford is a beauty


Left door handle broke.

General Comments:

Very good on fuel, 400 kms on a full tank. it handles like a dream. spins through first and second gear would never trade for another commodore ever again.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2007

1987 Ford Falcon XF II S Pack 3.3 Ltr 6 Cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Good looking car, but it was gutless!


Head gasket went at approx. 170,000 Ks.


Started to rust at the base of the rear C pillars and also in the lower part of the rear guards.

General Comments:

I bought this car privately for $3,700 in 1996. It had no service history, but the motor still seemed strong and tight. This was a good buy at the time because basic XF GL's were still going for around $5k.

The car was a Falcon S in yellow with factory pursuit steel rims. Because it was the basic 3.3 ltr non EFI motor it was a bit gutless on the road. It used to run out of steam on the highway and for overtaking you needed a good long bit of road!

Head gasket blew one day while driving. Just stopped and wouldn't start again. Had it towed to my mechanic who told me the bad news and said it would cost around $2,000 to $2,500 to fix including labour. This was too much to spend on a car that was only worth about $3,000.

I bought a new gasket and fixed it myself with the help of my stepfather. Only ended up costing about $400 from memory. Once this was fixed the rust started to appear! I'd had enough so I sold it quick without a road worthy cert. for $2,700 to this spray painter guy who could fix the problems himself.

Bought myself a very decent EA II Fairmont as my replacement. This was a great car - see my separate review.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2006

1987 Ford Falcon XF GL 4.1 Litre Carburettor from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, and a strong worker


With over 500,000km on the clock many things have been changed, but everything has mostly gone in the last 75,000km.

Engine worn, needs overhaul.

Auto Gearbox replaced.

3 radiators.

Rear Diff Worn

1 set of Universals.

All front suspension bushes.

Rear Springs Sagged.

Heater Core not working.

Carburettor needing jets as it floods motor.

2 Head Gaskets.

Rear Suspension bushes.

Corrosion to head required welding.

Air Conditioning failed 3 times.

Speedo Failure.

Cam Shaft Failure at 460,000.

Lifters and Valve stem seals.

Power steering box.

Worn Distributor gear (causes timing to go out of whack every month).

Rust on the left rear quarter panel, behind right rear wheel, and inside plenum chamber.

General Comments:

Even though the list is large, most of the problems occurred after the 400,000 mark. In its years it has been a very reliable car. Only getting stranded once because of a failure of the distributor gear. The car has had two collisions, but parts are easy to find and fairly cheap.

The car was a heavy hauler in its early life, towing large caravans around the country which has caused the rear springs to sag.

The car handles well, especially after 2.5 inch lowered king springs were fitted. And Nolothane bushes put inthe front. The LSD is great, makes the car stick to the road in the dry, but wet weather can make it do 180's very easily.

The car had ample performance, but was no 10 second car. Doing 12.5 seconds 0 - 100kmh and a 16 second quarter mile.

The autos lack some of the good take off power, but I have driven a manual and the performance is a lot better.

After all the years, the engine is finally about to die. at 470,000 I noticed a bearing noise which has got louder and louder. Now the old girl blows smoke, has big end bearing noise, hard to start and has blow_by that is enough to push the dipstick out and fill the air cleaner with oil. So I have traded in the car for a 1997 model Falcon.

But for anyone looking for a XF, just letting them know that they are buying one of the most reliable Fords. Treat them with respect and you will hit the 500,000 mark.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2005

19th May 2006, 08:17

Fantastic review!

I'm seriously considering buying exactly this model of car, but with less than 250,000k's. Your review is really helpful.

Cheers, and have a good one!