1989 Ford Falcon ea2 S wagon 3.9 MPi from Australia and New Zealand


A fun, comfortable, practical wagon that's getting weary


*) The clutch & clutch cable, clutch became very heavy and wasn't disengaging properly.

*) New front brake rotors and pads, it had dangerous brake shudder at 80km/hr+

*) Front Passenger window winder, couldn't wind the window up & down, now you can wind it down about 10cm before it becomes too tough :)

*) Hydraulic lifters, but it still ticks.

*) Plugs and leads, it started misfiring two cylinders after `enthusiastic driving' the previous night.

*) Ignition parts and a new radiator replaced by mechanic, after it died in peak-hour traffic one night.

*) Alternator bushes were worn, one night voltage dropped, ran on battery until I could get it home.

*) Power steering unit replaced after it failed at low speeds at a shopping carpark and made a racket (sounded a bit like a supercharger I guess)

*) Belts were worn, replaced.

*) Body is becoming a little tired.

Need to replace;

*) Fuel pump died a few days ago while parked at a fast-food restaurant, tapping the fuel tank fixed it temporarily, which means it's out of action again until parts and free time arrive.

*) The handbrake. If I use it, the back right wheel locks up in the wet.

*) Suspension bushes, car squeaks over a bump.

*) The electric sunroof leaks and doesn't slide.

*) Front & rear glass squirters don't work.

*) Original cassette-radio doesn't work.

*) Back-left window winder handle fell off.

General Comments:

Tends to be unreliable, but I figure there's a finite number of parts that can possibly be replaced, and few parts under the hood are original :)

As of 2005, it's a 15-year-old, first of the line car, and is showing its age. Keep a look out for signs of being abused (as I'm now certain mine was).

It's still a modern design, but the paint is thin and getting old, so expect things to start fading & cracking. You'll probably need a mat as the dash is usually cracked.

Fuel economy is `amusing', don't expect to get much better than 13 or 14L p/100km (~16mpg)

Now, some positive points;

It has quite an adequate amount of power with simple mods. In straight line, it stays with then slowly leaves behind a GSX-250F motorcycle. Power starts above 3,000rpm and goes to about 4,300, and the manual is fun with a short-throw and decent clutch. While passengers dragged down my previous 2.0L sedan/hatch, with the Falcon you just open the throttle more. Should do a 15-16 1/4 mile.

The wagon is incredibly versatile, rarely will you need more room. It has more usable room than most 4x4's, and if you run out of space, you can tow a trailer without any problems.

Plenty of rear space, it's a big family wagon with a big open boot. It can easily fit three adults in the back, and has squeezed four on short trips before.

Being a big local car, things are easier to fix and get parts for. Modifications are easier to find and install.

Lowering the suspension and using decent tyres/wheels stops most `wandering', but it's just as capable on the highway than it is being thrown around mountain roads

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Review Date: 15th November, 2005

1989 Ford Falcon S Pack 3.9lt Multi Point from Australia and New Zealand


Good comfortable and great to drive. Bargain car


Motor was very tired so I took it upon myself to rebuild it.

The drivers window winding mechanism broke and had to be replaced.

The rear vision mirror fell off. Probably due to excessive bass..

Power steering pressure pump failed and spat all the fluid out onto the exhaust and made it look as if the car was on fire!

General Comments:

I can't fault my EA. It has been more than reliable with only a few minor faults, especially seeing as everything except the motor has seen 350,000ks of travel.

It goes well, but is fairly thirsty around town. It is fantastic on the highway.

Overall a terrific, comfortable, reliable and good fun car to own.

Hundreds of good fun memories and it will be in the family for a lot longer!

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004