1989 Ford Falcon GL 3.9 single point injection from Australia and New Zealand


Great if it's a company car; not if you're paying for it


Automatic gearbox self destructed after 3500km, part sheered off inside. Replaced under warranty.

Power steering fluid leaked onto alternator, shorting it out 3 times, replaced twice; all within first 10,000kms.

Consistently scrubbed front left tyre every 5000kms or so. Ford said the adjustment is an optional extra.

As many of these cars were fully paid for company cars, the dealers seemed to think that they could charge what they liked as 'the company was paying for it'

Not good for the private buyer.

General Comments:

Overall the car was a very comfortable, excellent highway cruiser. It was the first of the 4 speed autos.

My previous vehicle was a 1986 XF Falcon, and I wished I had kept it as it was a far better vehicle, with little problems.

I now own a Subaru Liberty and have never been tempted by a Falcon again. The Japanese have it all over the local product for longevity and quality.

I know people with the current BA Falcon. It's a nice car, but still has quite a number of problems that need to be fixed under warranty; on a frequent basis.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2004

1989 Ford Falcon Standard 4.1 srtaight 6 from Australia and New Zealand


Uses enough fuel for a V8


When I bought the car it was rather untidy and had quite a few dents.

The engine needed a good tune.

Tires were worn due too bad wheel alignment.

Tray cover is in bad condition.

Steering bushes worn.

Suspension worn.

General Comments:

For a utility vehicle that weighs about 1.6 tones it is quite powerful and fast.

The kickdown in the automatic transmission is excellent and really delivers the power you demand quickly.

Unfortunately it occasionally stalls if you plant your foot from stand still even on a warm engine.

I got a set of extractors and a 2 1/4 inch exhaust system that provides some more power, and also created a custom intake system that sucks through a performance pod filter placed in front of the front left wheel (before I couldnt keep up with my mates XH panel van, after the modifications he can't keep up with me).

Petrol economy is bad, more so if you drive like me.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2004

6th Nov 2004, 04:01

My VN commodore stalls sometimes on full throttle, usually only when cold though. What would be a likely cause of this? I would have thought it being computer controlled fuel injection it would know better than that, and being automatic too. Still I guess it's a fairly old car, can expect this...

1989 Ford Falcon GL 4.0 straight 6 from Australia and New Zealand


A very reliable bargain


Governor in automatic transmission sticking when I first bought the car.

Aftermarket tachometer caused idle adjuster to rev engine too high at idle.

General Comments:

Headlights not bright enough on dip.

Being an ex cop car it has extra interior lights, vinyl rear seats and automatic transmission in very good condition (except for small governor problems at purchase)

Very cheap to run because was converted to gas when it was a cop car.

Has had 4.0 liter motor fitted out of a 1995 ED ford falcon.

New motor has only 50,000km.

Not too powerful.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2004

1989 Ford Falcon GL 3.9 Ltr EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Good car for long distances and short at a great price


At 150 000 km the head gasket blew this can be easily fixed by a certified mechanic. Gear box leaks now and then, the sealer must be replaced by mechanic.

10 years down the track the original muffler system was replaced with a new one. The seats are in perfect condition no signs of rips at all. Starter motor has been replaced with a new one at 205 000 km. All hoses from coolant replaced recently with new ones at last service. The power steering can be a little noisy when parking the wagon. The standard model GL offers all the standard option this includes no air con. However todays BA falcon is the winning car in the market.

General Comments:

I bought the EA wagon when they came out.

When taken care off the car's performance is great.

3.9 ltr offers lots, however fuel injection is much better. The interior can be improved, but the car is reliable all times.

I am very happy with the car 16 years down the track.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2003