1989 Ford Falcon GL 3.9L SOHC injected from Australia and New Zealand


Genuine Aussie workhorse


Regular routine servicing like brakes, fluids, etc.

Head gasket has gone twice in its lifetime. Once at approximately 140,000km and most recently at 224,000km.

Gearbox is a 5 speed manual and has not had any problems whatsoever.

Air conditioner needs some more gas.

The single point engines can leak a bit of oil. This can be fixed by changing the gasket seals to rubber ones (which are used in the ED Falcon).

General Comments:

The engine is very tough and I expect to get at least 500,000km out of it.

Overall a big, roomy, powerful and reliable car that is very cheap to buy second hand.

Parts are cheap and plentiful.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2002

1989 Ford Falcon EA 3.9 MPI from Australia and New Zealand


Seriously embarrassing at the lights


Blew the differential up six times trying to do burn outs that it wouldn't do.

Head gasket blew thrashing it last week.

Rust everywhere (it is a fairly new car!)

Engine smokes like a train.

Hand brake looks pathetic.

Locks on doors don't work.

Steering wheel vibrates heavily while driving normally.

Seat belts snap easily.

General Comments:

No power.

Doesn't stoke up.

Won't start on average three times a week.

Leaks oil everywhere.

Severe body roll.

Has the turning circle of a road train.

Stereo wouldn't scare a two-year old on full volume.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2002

18th May 2002, 05:56

Anyone who treats a car like that deserves all the punishment they get. I have owned an EA and sure it wasn't what you would call a sports car, but it gave me a very good run because I DIDN'T TREAT IT LIKE ONE!!!

13th Jun 2002, 02:43

You have abvoiusly got a lemon of an EA. my centre point injected ea really hauls. If you took the time to maintain it instead of flogging the guts out of an obviously poorly treated car you might see a marked improvement. They are no beast at the lights, but this is due to the falcon's tall diff and transmission gearing and the excellent top end performance ford 6's are know for.

21st Sep 2006, 01:39

If you treat it like crap, expect it to be crap! These eat most standard skylines for breakfast! If you want a family car with go then the falco/fairmont range is perfect, if you want a sports car then by a rice rocket!