1990 Ford Falcon EA GL 3.9 six cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Great car


The only item I have had is the interior roof liner sagged, but it was cheap to fix.

General Comments:

The EA is overall cheap motoring. Mind you it has only done 58000km.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2016

1990 Ford Falcon EA 2 3.9 from Australia and New Zealand


Best car I have ever owned, and I want it back!


Clutch pedal broke off pedal box twice.

Clutch cable firewall hole broke three times.

Broke the clutch fork damper where the cable hooks on.

Replaced a clutch cable as it was sizing up.

Replaced whole clutch kit (only got worn out due to heaps and heaps of burnouts, and reverse to firsties!)

In the four years I had it, the head or head gasket never blew!

Went through a few alternators, due to a lot of off roading.

So the only problems I had were clutch problems.

General Comments:

If you're going to get one, get a manual, they are amazing!

Mine was a wagon, and it could drift like a R33.

I hooned it so much, eg. drifting, jumps, burnouts, donuts, everything, and it didn't stop once!

And it was on LPG, so it cost me around $25 to drive 150kms into the city and around, and another 150kms back here!

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Review Date: 12th March, 2012

1990 Ford Falcon GL from Australia and New Zealand


A beast, that with TLC, will last for years and years


1) The power steering pump has been replaced, as has the alternator - don't really understand why the alternator is situated under the pump.

2) New starter motor in 2010 (old one was original).

3) Seats were a bit bashed around by my brother's kids (his other half drove it around when he got a company car, then he gave it to me).

4) Despite being badly neglected by its main user for nearly 10 years, virtually no maintenance, it has been going great with some TLC and regular maintenance. No oil leaks!

5) Doesn't sometimes overheat, and doesn't like extremely humid weather.

6) Auto trans doing really well with yearly services.

7) Seat belt stalks will need replacing soon as one seizes up.

General Comments:

I inherited this car from my brother, who had to get a new car for his missus, who goes through cars like nothing else, due to not maintaining them.

Incidentally, the car that replaced my car is now in a bad way, and my car, though not as good aesthetically, is miles ahead mechanically.

My Ford EA 1990 has been extremely reliable, only breaking down once due to the starter motor. Once I gave it a hit, it started back up and got me home so I could replace it.

I'm not sure as to all the reasons why, but I love this car, and would love to do it up to the be the best car it could be aesthetically and mechanically.

I'm looking to make it dual fuel to save running costs.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2011

19th Sep 2011, 03:33

Keep an eye on the head gasket, which is a common ongoing problem with these. I had one like yours (1990 EA series 2 4sp Auto 3.9L CFI) in New Zealand (I have a review here), and although it didn't blow the gasket completely, I discovered at 180000km it had been leaking a long time and corroded the valves. I wish I was able to bring mine to Australia 10 years ago when I moved here, as it was pristine, whereas nearly all the EA's here in Brisbane now are rusted-out heaps.

1990 Ford Falcon Ute XF 4L straight 6 from Australia and New Zealand


The ideal work ute


Light bulbs blew at 150000 and 430000km.

Replaced brake pads at 256000km.

Solenoid failed at 420000km (dual fuel car, didn't stop the flow of petrol to the engine, meaning I had gas + petrol into the engine, very nasty).

Replaced coolant hose (leaking out, loss of coolant).

Fairly high oil consumption (3-4L per 10000km, expected for a car that has done such high mileage).

General Comments:

The car is fairly noisy (noise reduction wasn't high on the agenda for the X-F, G, H utes).

Very reliable, the cabin can feel cheap at times, but as this is a workman's ute, practicality and reliability are higher on the agenda. Great for towing and load hauling.

This has the standard 720kg suspension. It has never given me any problems.

The loading bay is starting to show signs of rust, due to scraping of items on the bay. Expected, as this is a ute.

Despite its high mileage, the old girl still feels good, and will easily make it to 600000km. After that, who knows???

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Review Date: 6th December, 2004