1990 Ford Falcon EA 'S' Pac 3.9 Multi-Point from Australia and New Zealand


Wouldn't trade it for the world


The Falcon had the head gasket replaced at 100,000 km.

Hoses replaced at 150,000 km.

An ignition module has been replaced at 180,000 km.

Heater hose at 240,000 km.

Replaced distributor and coil at 250,000 km.

General Comments:

The Falcon is usually pretty thirsty, especially when it's driven in the city, but highway distances are no problem.

The Falcon can be a speed machine with heaps of grunt, or a smooth comfortable ride depending on my company at the time.

While the Falcon is simple to drive, I find the steering to be perhaps a little to light as I don't feel in contact with the road.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2002

22nd Oct 2002, 05:32

I'm glad to see a good report on one of these once in a while. I too have owned a 1990 EA2 Falcon, it also needed the head gasket done (first one at 190,000k's). I had to sell it when I moved to Australia from New Zealand and was heart-wrenching as it was immaculate and I got barely anything for it. Am now in the possession of a brand new AU3 wagon. So far it doesn't have the personality of the old Falcon, but I guess that will come after it's covered a couple a hundred thousand k's.

11th Jan 2004, 06:02

Good to hear decent things about the 1990 ford falcon. shame about those head gaskets.

4th Nov 2005, 20:38


Well mate a falcon may have some gasket troubles once every 150thou, but a magna will spit a timing chain every 30.

My EA just had its first re-build at 1.5mill!!! the water ports in the back of the head are to small once you have them enlarged you will have no probs ever again.

1990 Ford Falcon EA11 GL 3.9L CFI 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


A great car with a real grunty engine sound


Leaking head gasket, caused valves to corrode, apparently.

Front brakes have partially seized twice, causing dragging.

Oil leaks from motor.

Heater valve had to be replaced.

Front & rear shocks.

Cassette player, replaced with CD player.

Other than that, not much.

General Comments:

This car has to be one of the most comfortable and driveable cars I've ever driven, although it did tend to lean around the corners a bit, but it did have adjustable rear shocks which were set higher than the standard versions for load carrying.

Despite the horror stories I've heard about the 4stage auto boxes, mine had never missed a beat. Is the best auto I've ever had. I was looking for a manual originally, but found them very hard to come by, but one test drive of the auto had me hooked.

My only real gripes with the car were the head gasket leak and oil leak. I only found out about the head gasket during a routine service at a Ford dealer, they knew the history of that model and did a routine pressure test. It was leaking at 4 out of the 6 cylinders, and according to the guy who did the work, said the valves would have to be re-ground due to them being corroded by the coolant. Afterwards the motor was never as quiet, seemed to rattle more. I think maybe he didn't do the valves properly or maybe he did, I'm not a mechanic. I reckon he probably should have left them alone, as he showed me the head before the work was done and they looked pretty good to me.

The oil leak gradually got worse over the years, was coming from 3 different places, I put up with it as to get it fixed would probably be roughly half the cars value. It never burnt any though.

It chewed through the gas around town, but was excellent on the open road.

Acceleration was very good, better in power mode though, but due to gas usage kept it in economy mode most of the time.

I had to sell it when I moved to Australia from New Zealand, am now driving a company supplied, ahem, Holden Commodore VT. Gee I miss my Falcon.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2002

27th May 2005, 03:25

I am the writer of this review. After having owned a Mazda 626 for last 2.5 years, and after reading back through my review and remembering all the faults this car had, I'm inclined to change my 'yes' to a 'don't know' under the 'would you buy again from this manufacturer'. The Mazda has more k's on it than the Falcon had when I sold it and apart from wear & tear (e.g. suspension) repairs, has been a lot more reliable and has cost CONSIDERABLY less to maintain. It's really nice to not have to clean up the oil puddle where it's parked, unlike the Falcon where I was doing it continuously.

I would only have another Australian car if someone else was paying for it. After reading car reviews from all around the world, it appears only the Japanese can get it right.

Incidentally, the VT Commodore was a pile of crap that I was all-too-happy to leave behind when I left that job.

1990 Ford Falcon S Pac 3.9 injected from Australia and New Zealand


Good performance, and cheap parts


Exhaust need replacing - $240.

Head gasket replaced - $600.

New rear shocks - $100.

New ball joints - $150.

New alternator (3 times) - $120.

Washer bottle leaks, mirror fell off leaving a large chip in the windscreen.

Power steering leaks.

Lifters need replacing.

Had to do the tyres and brake pads, but these don't count as problems.

General Comments:

I bought this car unregistered for A$2700, but it has so far cost me another A$1500 to get it roadworthy and registered, and I still have to get the lifters done, and the air con regassed. Which is another $400. Most of the problems are to do with the age/km.

It's a great looking car, fast, and handles well. Parts are very cheap. My only advice is don't buy one that has transmission problems. And only buy one that already has a roadworthyness certificate as you may end up spending more than the car is worth fixing little problems to get the certificate.

Try to avoid a 1988 model as they still had heaps of bugs.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2001

1st Sep 2001, 05:51

I've got an '88 EA S-Pack 5 Speed and have come across similar problems - mirror, washer bottle, power steer. I've also got rust around the top of the rear windscreen. Mine also struggled to rev past 3500 rpm - is that a common fault?