2000 Ford Falcon AU Futura 4.0 petrol/LPG from Australia and New Zealand


Reliability is disappointingly poor


The radiator was replaced while under warranty.

The water pump was replaced while under warranty.

The buttons on the steering wheel for the radio and cruise control stopped working and were cleaned while under warranty, however they have clogged up again.

The differential makes a tonk sound at slow speeds and a whirl at higher speeds.

The back right central locking motor has developed a grinding sound.

The passenger side front window some times stop working, but after a few presses of the button works again.

The fan button broke off, but was easy and cheap to fix.

The steering rack has developed a leak which will need to be fixed at the next service (110,000).

General Comments:

The performance of the vehicle is surprising good. Its economy is 11.6 litres per 100 kilometres on petrol and 14 litres per 100 kilometres on gas.

The engine runs a little rough some times at idle while running on petrol.

I have had a liquid gas petroleum (LPG) system fitted so that it can run on gas and petrol. At least a quarter of a tank of petrol must be kept in the car's tank at all times because the fuel pump continues to work even when the car is running on LPG.

The brake rotors need to be machined or replaced every 20,000 kilometre service.

The handling is good for such a big car and it stops really well.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2005

7th Jun 2007, 23:57

Hi there.

I have the same model as you, but in the station wagon. you may be shocked when I tell you the price that I was quoted for the steering rack. If you are still driving it I would stop if I was you cos it only gets worse just be expected to pay around the 800 dollar mark. Just thought I would worn you.

19th Jun 2009, 19:04

I have a 1999 AU Futura Wagon Tickford gas, which has got 393500klms on the original motor. Only done alternator. Only replaced motor due to oil leaks with secondhand one, which had done 135000.

The car has justed clicked over 421000 and still going strong.

Automatic was replaced at 310000, but that's after towing a tandem horse float at least twice a week.

Not a FORD man, but this car has made me go and buy a BA Dedicated gas for wife. Not as good. Had 45000klms, now 143000 in 2 years, but economy is brilliant.. 950 klms to 110 litres of gas on the open highway..

2000 Ford Falcon AU Series1 4.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Yet Another Well Built, Well Made Aussie Legend


Had very few problems with the vehicle initially, had to have the brake pads replaced after 2000km as they were too soft and was havoc trying to keep the alloy wheels clean.

Has been back to the Dealer 3 times only due to manufacturer recalls. apart from that no problems at all.

General Comments:

Just needs to be Loved! This car looks great and if you didn't want to spend the extra $7000+ on the XR models, the S pack is the perfect model. Sports interior and all the gadgets make the drive fun and enjoyable. Guzzles juice in the city, but makes up for it cruising on the highway. handling is excellent in the wet and grips corners well.

Accelaration when the vehicle is cold tends to be sluggish, but makes up for it when the vehicle warms up. This is my 2nd Falcon after having owned a 97 EL, I'm definitely in Line to purchase a BA XR next year.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2004

2000 Ford Falcon XR8 5 litre V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Good performer, but mine was a terrible lemon


The rear seats fell apart.

When this was replaced, the wrong leather was used!

The car was very hard to start.

The CD Player failed to work.

The car's engine bay rusted.

The engine was rebuilt 3 times.

General Comments:

This car was so bad, Ford Australia gave us a new car - a Ford TE50. There have been no problems with this car.

The car was pretty good to drive.

Cabin worked OK, seats good.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2003