2000 Ford Falcon AUII XR6 4.0L from Australia and New Zealand


Look great and goes well


The car has been pretty good. Much better than the EL I used to have.

Only real problem has been wheel alignment, but that is largely due to me getting used to the wider tyres and the sensitivity to the camber of the road.

General Comments:

The performance is pretty good.

Handling is great. It really sticks to the road, although the limited slip diff takes some getting used to in the wet!

Looks different to the standard Falcon, unlike the Commodore offerings.

Auto shifts nicely, but I should have gone for the manual.

Reasonable quality stereo.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2001

22nd Mar 2005, 06:37

Excellent handling pleasure to drive.

25th Apr 2008, 22:46

They were also called Millennium Falcon; well everyone in my town did at least, but it's still funny when one of your friends say "I got a ride in a Millennium Falcon!!" and they get really weird questions afterwards.

2000 Ford Falcon AU XR6 4.0 Litre Six Cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Better luck next time Henry


The doors do not line up straight.

The factory fitted LPG tank was improperly mounted.

The accelerator cable snapped on heavy acceleration.

General Comments:

The car has stable handling taking in to consideration it's size and intended use as a family hack. Fitted with a V8, it may make a decent attempt at being a cop car.

Brakes are superb, stops on dime, for a little while, then it comes time when you wish there were holes in the floor to deploy the Flintstone Braking Technique.

Sound system is lacking credibility. Main rival Holden's sound system is of a much higher quality.

Uncanny shape of dashboard, love it or leave it.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2001

11th Mar 2001, 16:58

Should have kept the Commodore...

A sad reflection on Australian manufacturing if a car as supposedly advanced as this can still be so poorly put together.

Time will tell, but I wonder if the AU's bumpers will be falling off like every other Falcon since the EA... come on guys, how much do a couple of extra screws cost?

12th Apr 2009, 03:49

I have an XR6 2000 au. Bought it in late '08 for $10000, spent $5000 on it, none to the motor that is, it's the best car I've ever owned, and I've had them all!! I have not had one problem with it, you won't get any problems outta them, you just have to keep the services up.

2000 Ford Falcon Series 2 Forte 4.0 six from Australia and New Zealand


You'll get to know your dealer on a first name basis!


Stereo replaced three times. Keeps shutting down. Removal of the fuse for a few seconds gets it working again after the pin is entered. The latest stereo will not play a CD if you press CD. Instead, you must remove and reinsert it. Who knows why?

Fuel gauge is all over the place, telling me I'm about to run out of fuel, when I've just filled up.

An electrical fault caused the starter motor to keep going even after I removed the keys and locked the doors. Entire dash was removed to find the fault. Starter motor was fried in the process.

Rear bumper was warped and had to be replaced.

Rear suspension clunks when accelerating hard. Dealer reports that it is a common problem. Not fixed.

Horn works sometimes.

Door locks lock and unlock of their own accord. Provide huge entertainment to passengers.

Engine has terrible harshness at 2900rpm. A colleague's Falcon doesn't.

General Comments:

The worst car I've ever owned. Generally supposed to be a reliable car, but I believe I got a dud.

Needless to say, after tax time, I'm going back to a Commodore.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2000

13th Dec 2000, 06:22

My family had an 82' Falcon four liter 6, 5 speed manual. The Falcon was a terrible car, it was full of rust, the clutch cable broke three times and the gearbox had to be replaced four times.

The initial gearbox lost 5th gear, putting the car into 5th gear was like putting it into neutral. Worst of all this happened on a long trip, so we had to travel in 4th all the way home, resulting in using a lot more fuel than we should have. When we took the car to a mechanic, he told us that the gearbox was full of metal shards. The next three gearbox's were only 4 speeds, because the 5's were very rare and were VERY expensive.

The electrical system was terrible. Sometimes the windscreen wipers wouldn't work, and when they did, the one on the driver's side tended to slip off the side of the windscreen, so you had to put your hand out the window to push it back on.

We were reluctant to use the horn, as it tended to stay on.

The headlights only worked when they wanted to, and when they did, only hi-beam worked.

In the end we sold the car to a wreckers, because it was going to cost more than the car was worth to get it road-worthy, no, sorry, to get it safe to drive.